Why Wendy Williams Wants Cynthia Bailey Fired From RHOA

Cynthia Bailey has recently addressed rumors that she may be getting fired from Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." While sitting down on "The Wendy Williams Show" on June 24, Cynthia joked about possibly being unemployed soon.

"Word on the street is, I may be out of a job, so I'ma need you to pay if we go to dinner," Cynthia told Wendy as the two discussed their plans to hang out while in New York City. Later, when asked who she thinks should be fired from the popular show, Cynthia hinted at her former friend, NeNe Leakes.

"The person who wants me to be fired all the time, who actually isn't even on the show anymore," Cynthia said. When Wendy asked to name that person, she explained that "her name rhymes with meany," most likely referring to Leakes. "I'm not saying the name, but you know who I'm talking about."

Still, Wendy had another person in mind ... and it's none other than Cynthia. Scroll on to find out why.

Wendy Williams thinks 'it's time' Cynthia leaves the show

On the June 24 episode of "The Wendy Williams Show," the popular host told Cynthia Bailey why she thinks she should be fired from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." In Wendy Williams' own opinion, Cynthia doesn't have any more drama to bring ... in a good way.

"Let me tell you why, because there's nothing more exciting that you can give to us," Wendy told Cynthia. "I don't want to see you fight, I don't want to see you get divorced, like, I think that it's time." She continued, "The only thing is, what will you do for a paycheck? But I was thinking, this is still a model, just like Christie Brinkley."

Although she refused to confirm whether or not she'd be returning to "RHOA," Cynthia admitted that working with Bravo has been great. "I love 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,'" she said. "This platform has been amazing. I have an amazing relationship with the network." Then, she explained that no one ever wants to be fired from any job, and the best option would be to leave when one is ready. 

"God's will, not my will, be done. I have had an amazing run. It's been 11 amazing years as a consistent peach-holder," Cynthia continued. 

NeNe Leakes seems to agree with Wendy Williams on this one

In a recent interview, Cynthia Bailey's former friend NeNe Leakes shared similar sentiments as Wendy Williams. During a sit-down with Michelle "ATLien" Brown on June 10, NeNe admitted that, in her opinion, Cynthia should have left "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" many moons ago. 

When Brown asked if her former friend should return to the show, NeNe replied, "No. I mean she shouldn't have come back many seasons ago." She continued, "I think she should have been gone, that's what my opinion is." According to NeNe, Cynthia has already checked out, and could be planning to leave Atlanta behind to be closer to her new husband, Mike Hill. "I think she is gone. I think she'll say she moved to LA or something like that," she continued.

Later, the former "RHOA" star also noted that Cynthia's storyline has been lackluster for a while. "I wish her well and all those things but I think that if you ever followed this show since season one, you should see the shift," NeNe said. "And you would look at the show and say why certain people are still here and certain people are gone. That tells you just a lot right there."

Meanwhile, Cynthia quietly removed RHOA from her bio

Though Cynthia Bailey hasn't revealed whether or not she would be returning to the upcoming seasons of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," her social media activity speaks for itself. As pointed out by RealHousewivesFranchise on June 22, it looks like Cynthia has now removed "RHOA" from her Instagram bio. 

The reality star's IG bio currently reads: "Mrs. Bailey-Hill [ring emoji]," followed by a list of her business endeavors. Considering that filming for "RHOA" is slated to begin as early as the week of July 9, with reported "cast shake-ups," it doesn't seem likely that Cynthia is going to appear on the next season.

Is a move to Los Angeles the reason Cynthia could be leaving "RHOA"? Probably not. Although the reality star previously discussed potentially moving out to follow her husband Mike Hill, it seems she's staying in Atlanta (for now). During her June 24 appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show," Cynthia explained how the bi-coastal relationship is working out for them. "I love when he leaves, and he loves when I leave," Cynthia laughed. "It works, 'cause then we're happy to see each other again."