What's Really Going On With Iggy Azalea And Britney Spears?

It seems like everyone has something to say about the Britney Spears conservatorship controversy. First, a little background, because it's kind of complicated: Britney has been under conservatorship since 2008. Conservatorships are legal arrangements that are usually reserved for very sick or elderly people, who are incapable of managing their finances and assets. In Britney's case, a judge awarded conservatorship to her father, Jamie Spears. At the time, it appeared as though Britney was suffering from a mental illness that would require someone to step in and manage her fortune. However, Britney didn't exhibit any traits typically associated with people who need a conservator, per NPR.

Over the next 13 years, she continued to work — almost non-stop. She released several albums, went on tour, and maintained a lucrative Vegas residency. Fans began to suspect her family was taking advantage of her, and thus, the "Free Britney" movement started, which inspired the New York Times documentary "Framing Britney Spears." In June 2021, Britney had another hearing regarding her conservatorship and finally spoke up.

The pop star made it clear that she did not want to be involved in the conservatorship anymore and that she was certain her family was taking advantage of her. Suddenly celebrities began pouring out of the woodwork to support Britney — everyone from Snooki to her ex Justin Timberlake, per Us Weekly. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea also came to her defense, and fans were not entirely pleased with what she had to say. Here's the deal.

Iggy Azalea defended herself by attempting to clarify a few things

According to some fans, Iggy Azalea didn't speak up on behalf of Brittney Spears soon enough. The drama started in 2015 when Britney and Azalea released a song "Pretty Girls" that was not the success they hoped it would be. In a since-deleted tweet at the time, Azalea seemed to imply that Britney's lack of work ethic was to blame for the flop, per BuzzFeed. She wrote, "It's difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and TV performances, etc."

Six years later, when Britney's conservatorship became a topic of national conversation, fans again turned on Azalea for not coming to her former collaborators' defense quickly enough. "Iam [sic] actually here to support someone in a way that's helpful and also mindful," Azalea tweeted. "Britney has said in her own words, she's embarrassed to even share this with the world. If she needed me to speak on her behalf, That message has been delivered to her. Other than that – I'm good."

Azalea further clarified her 2015 tweet. Suggesting that it was a criticism of Britney's conservators, not the pop star. "Right, I said her team wouldn't let her do promo and that they went through my house etc and y'all said I was a hater." She added that she did not speak out against Jamie Spears at the time due to an NDA. "I've done what I'm supposed to do," she wrote. "I actually care & she can use me if she needs my voice."