Why Tayshia And Becca Have A Problem With Katie's Men On The Bachelorette

"Bachelor Happy Hour" co-hosts Tayshia Adams and Becca Kufrin are taking issue with the men on Katie Thurston's season of "The Bachelorette." While discussing the drama surrounding Thomas Jacobs — who admitted he thought about being the next Bachelor while signing up for the show — the two former Bachelorettes revealed they didn't just have a problem with his behavior.

"It's interesting to me to see how extreme and heightened this was," Becca said on the June 29 podcast episode regarding how heated Katie's men got over Thomas on the June 28 episode of "The Bachelorette." She continued on to say that she had "an issue" with "the amount of times" the words "manipulative" and "cancer" were used to describe Thomas by Katie's suitors.

"Like I'm sorry everyone, cancer took my dad away from me, like cancer took people I loved away from me, and so I have such a problem with men and women on this show spewing out certain words and terms and phrases that perpetuate this cycle of hate and drama to an extent that doesn't need to be as extreme as I think it is," Becca continued. Becca's father died from brain cancer in 2009, per SurvivorNet. She often takes to social media to raise awareness about the disease. 

Becca then clarified that she does not support Thomas' behavior on the show, either. Tayshia, who serves as co-host of Season 17 of "The Bachelorette," also weighed in on the situation. Keep scrolling to learn how she reacted to seeing the drama unfold on television.

Tayshia Adams wanted to be there for Katie Thurston

Tayshia Adams shared the same sentiment as Becca Kufrin when discussing the drama surrounding Thomas Jacobs on their "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast. "I don't think people think [about] the magnitude that those words hold and how it's actually going to affect long term," she said. "I hate it when people just say words about people without thinking and without just being selfish."

In an attempt to help her understand the situation more, Becca prompted Tayshia to give any insight she had of the drama. Tayshia responded that she unfortunately did not have much to divulge. "I truly was there for Katie and was brought in when she needed it," she explained.

However, she did confirm what we all knew: The men in the house all had an obvious issue with Thomas. "What I did see was the guys had very strong feelings about him," Tayshia said. "Even at like the Big Buckle Brawl, Katie even noticed it then," she continued, referring to a mud wrestling group date on the June 14 "Bachelorette" episode. "All of the guys were on one side, and then there was Thomas. Nobody was actually associating or talking to him," she noted. "He was really rubbing people the wrong way."

While Thomas has left the house, viewers will get to see a new man — Tayshia's former boyfriend Blake Moynes — begin his fight for Katie's heart as a new contestant. So, it's likely that the frustration in the house is far from being depleted.