Why Love Is Blind Star Lauren Speed Is Frustrated About The Bill Cosby News

"Love is Blind" star Lauren Speed is airing her frustrations about the Bill Cosby news — and it might not be why you think.

On Jun 30, the disgraced comedian's prison sentence was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court following a review of his 2018 trial in which he was found guilty of sexual assault. After learning of the situation, Lauren took to Twitter to ask her followers if she's still allowed to enjoy "The Cosby Show," citing a positive representation of Black families as one of the several reasons she likes the show. Her string of tweets were deleted just minutes after she posted them once she started receiving heavy backlash from her fans for posing the question – and to them, not caring about Cosby's alleged victims.

Lauren subsequently sent out a few more tweets complaining about people who can't have conversations. "I hate this mentality of people not being able to have conversations. Growth happens through conversations! How do people grow and learn?!" she said. "Talk about s**t! How your feeling and why!!! You are entitled! That's why we are where we are as a country and a society! Because folks can't talk about it!" she continued in a second tweet. In a fourth tweet, the reality star wrote, "People become so robotic. Especially in this industry because every single thing is picked apart and that's not even the intention behind the whole point!"

Fans were also quick to respond to her new tweets and offer their view on the controversy. Keep scrolling to learn what they said.

Lauren Speed's fans want to show sympathy for survivors of sexual assault

Lauren Speed's fans immediately responded to her new tweets about the Bill Cosby situation and the controversy she caused by feeling nostalgic about "The Cosby Show." They all seemed to agree that it's in everyone's best interests to let the show go and respect the victims of sexual assault.

"Your last tweet was considered disrespectful to us survivors who have had to testify and see our rapists released. Our whole lives are ruined just for justice systems to release them. It's incredibly difficult and devastating. That's why we get defensive!" one fan wrote. "It's not a mentality," another tweeted about Lauren's assumption that people cannot hold conversations. "Truthfully I think you are missing the point that: the nostalgia of something is NOT worth dismissing the truth / reality. Your truth may be different as everyone's is but for survivors, it is real and not worth dismissing," they continued. Another advised Lauren to look within herself for growth. "Introspection is key, to growth as well. So, today wasn't the day for your convo, especially when victims of sexual abuse feel demoralized in this moment. Read the room, that's all we are saying," they explained. 

Lauren's final tweet summed up how she really felt about being tied up in unexpected controversy. "I just really be exhausted wit ALL this s**t. The world is just constant static noise. The news, the anger, the frustrations, the death, the darkness," she confessed. "I just get tired of being tired."

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit RAINN.org for additional resources.