How Lauren And Cameron From Love Is Blind Feel About Their Fame

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are well known for being the ultimate experts at blind dating, having starred on the pioneering reality TV show, Love Is Blind. Finding true love in a big world full of many obstacles and distractions can be difficult, but Lauren and Cameron are one couple that has done the unimaginable.

For those who aren't familiar with Love Is Blind, the February 2020 Netflix dating show was the first of its kind, giving 15 singles the space to try and find their soulmate — without ever seeing one another face-to-face. Lauren and Cameron were among those contestants who sat down in an empty (yet cozy) room with their notebooks and took notes of every interaction they had with every faceless stranger. The two naturally formed a great emotional connection, and believe it or not, Lauren confessed her love for Cameron before meeting in person. Of course, the twosome continued to receive attention as the show's only interracial (Black and white) couple, but the drama did not phase them, and they got married in the show's finale. Ever since, they have been enjoying their love nest and new life together in Atlanta, Ga.

So were Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton your favorite couple? And are you wondering how they've handled all of the fame? Keep on scrolling to find out what they are up to now.

How Lauren and Cameron have adapted to fame

Since getting together, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton have documented their love story and everyday lives via their YouTube channel Hanging With the Hamiltons. "It's a continuation of us and our life, even with some fun skits and sketches thrown in there. It's pretty much our avenue to be creative and share our lives," Speed told E!

The couple started sharing its adventure on YouTube in March 2020. There, thousands of fans watch them hang in their house and work on fun projects together, whether it be building their home studio, making festive cocktails, providing us with life hacks, or revealing their dating secrets. Subscribers can even catch them re-watching their favorite scenes from Love Is Blind

Although Lauren and Cameron have enjoyed these successes, it hasn't always been easy for the pair post-show. "There was an adjustment period; when the show first came out, and I remember jumping on social media and it wouldn't stop," she told The Guardian about the fan chatter. "But we try not to apply pressure to ourselves – we're just doing us and now we have an extended family of people. We have a million cousins now!"

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton love their fans

Although Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton haven't always had the easiest time with fame, they've consistently maintained a good relationship with their fans. As such, they partnered with IKEA in December 2020 to give away gift cards to their supporters. "We have been so incredibly fortunate this year and it's the time of year when you really give back to the people who are special in your life as well as the people who are in need," Lauren said in the YouTube announcement. 

Of course, the love doves have also been exchanging special gifts with each other this holiday season. "One of my favorite gifts that you have given me is the love coupon book, which I still have and cherish," Cameron revealed in the same YouTube video. "That really just meant so much to me seeing you draw the tickets out and the thoughts behind the dates you planned."

Well, it's pretty cool that fame doesn't seem to have gotten to their heads and that they're committed to remaining humble!

Is more reality TV on the horizon?

In an interview for The Guardian, Lauren Speed talked about how intense dating on television was for her in the past, along with her hopes for the future. There are still so many more big life events for them to experience together, such as anniversaries, birthdays, job promotions, and family reunions. The loved up lady told The Guardian that she'd love to continue to share their love story on the television screen. "This is when all the good stuff is happening: marriage, blended families, talking about family planning down the line and all that," she said. 

And according to FanSided, a spinoff show focused on Lauren and Cameron's relationship is exactly what fans want! "From all the couples, the clear favorite is Lauren and Cameron! Fans love them so much, they want a spinoff!" writer Sandy C. said. A spinoff would be able to get a real good look into the couple's relationship and growing family. Lauren told E! that the potential spinoff series "may gain a new star within a year or two." She added, "I'm looking forward to having some little Cams at some point.'

Speed reassured that maybe there will be an opportunity to launch a spinoff show next year, so it looks like everyone has something to look forward to this New Year!