The Real Reason Matthew Gray Gubler Doesn't Like To Be Called Matt

Matthew Gray Gubler is a man of many trades, including modeling, painting, directing, writing, and acting, but he is best known for his role as Dr. Spencer Reid on CBS's "Criminal Minds." He started on the show's first episode 15 years ago and is the only cast member that has appeared in every episode. Through the course of the series, Gubler's character transforms from a young, naïve scientist to an indispensable member of the FBI profilers' team. During an interview with Glamour, Gubler only had glowing praise for the show that has been central in his life for nearly two decades. He revealed that his fellow cast members have become his family and that he is honored to be part of the series. "I love entertaining people, and that's all I've ever wanted to do," he said. "The fact that I've gotten to do this for a long time is so awesome."

While playing the character of Reid has been a huge part of Gubler's life over the years, he does not share many similarities with the character. In an interview with, Gubler said of Reid, "He's not too similar. He's a genius and I'm technically and functionally retarded [laughs] ... He's a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics and ... I'm in no way scientifically minded. I think he's way more analytical than I am." And unlike Reid, who occasionally goes by "Spence," Gubler does not share the same desire for a nickname. Keep scrolling to find out why.

Disliking the nickname Matt goes deeper than just a preference

Matthew Gray Gubler's name is quite the tongue-twister, but he would not have it any other way. Unlike many other Matthews, this talented actor refuses to go by the nickname "Matt." He revealed why in a tweet: "I don't like the word Matt, and occasionally people call me Matt, and I don't really like it. Bullies used to call me Matt, so I don't prefer it." 

Despite being turned off from the nickname due to a traumatic past with bullying, the "Criminal Minds" star does not let it get to him anymore. "I'm so thankful for every bully I've ever had," Gubler revealed in conversation with Glamour. "It never affected me, and that's why I'm so thankful for them. I learned early on that if anything, it made me stick closer to who I am and not try ... it just made me very solid with who I was ... It taught me a beautiful lesson, and I'm really grateful for it."

Perhaps it's because of his refusal to let the bullies in his past dictate who he is or how he lives his life today that Gubler allows the world to see the quirky, unique person that he is. For one, the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" actor never wears matching socks (via He also makes his own stuffed animals, has an entire closet dedicated to his kimono collection, and built his own fireplace that contains a secret hiding place for a box of his friend's wisdom teeth (via Fame 10). No matter how weird any of that might be, Gubler does not care. He's too busy living life true to himself.