What One Former Cellmate Really Thinks About Jodi Arias

Shortly after her 2008 arrest for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that Jodi Arias would be dubbed (and subsequently remembered) as "the most hated woman in America" by both the media and the public writ large. In addition to the horrific nature of the crime itself, Arias' seemingly apparent lack of remorse, ever-shifting story, and bizarre antics appeared to cement the moniker for many as something close to fact. And while Arias herself has been sequestered away from the limelight following the adjudication of a life sentence without the possibility of parole by Arizona's Maricopa County court in 2013, it has seemingly done little to keep the fascination of the general population at bay or to continuously generate headlines. 

And despite the overall (and somewhat justifiable) derision aimed against her, it also appears her years behind bars have done little to change her outlook or her behavior, let alone coax her in the direction of remorse — at least, according to one of her former cellmates, that is. 

So, what does Arias' former cellmate have to say about the convicted murderer firsthand? Read on after the jump to find out.

A former cellmate of Jodi Arias says the convicted killer has "a lot of hate"

According to one report published by Fox News on July 2, a former cellmate of Jodi Arias' named Donavan Bering previously disclosed in past interviews — a number of which are included in a true-crime documentary for Lifetime entitled "Cellmate Secrets: Jodi Arias" — that Arias was initially, by all appearances, a "sweet" person with "the voice of an angel." Bering, who also spoke to In Touch Weekly, disclosed to the magazine that Arias at first presented as "this prim and proper young lady, very well-spoken." Both Bering and their fellow cellmates thought Arias "was in there for something very simple" — a far cry from murder.

As Bering explained, they became somewhat close — enough for Bering to later help Arias run her social media account after Bering's release from prison — but eventually, Arias revealed an entirely different side, one which Bering described as "manipulative." As Fox News noted, Bering stated she cut ties with Arias after observing her treatment of others — namely "flirting" with guards (presumably for better treatment), as well as lashing out at both Bering and members of the Arias family, the latter of whom Arias demanded Bering post about unfavorably. 

"I realized she was not this person that I thought she was," Bering clarified. "She had a lot of hate."