Braunwyn Windham Burke's Posts About Gender Equality Are Causing A Stir

What Braunwyn Windham Burke thought was a positive plea for gender equality has seemingly backfired and has many fans calling her out.

On July 7, she posted a Reel to Instagram complaining about a "Men Working" sign she noticed on the side of the road while driving through the Hamptons. "Okay, first of all, f**k you. It should be 'People Working,'" she slammed. "And who do I have with me, but like the most bad**s construction woman ever! Women work too b****es. Women f***ing work too. I'm just gonna say, this is misogyny at its finest. Do better," she concluded. The mom of seven was with fellow former "Real Housewives of New York" star Barbara Kavovit, who is the CEO of Evergreen Construction.

While some of the comments Braunwyn received were supportive, an overwhelming amount of fans were not happy about the video. "This is dumb wo(men)/(men). We're all men. Like human (man). So....yeah men working. Get over yourselves thinking you're making some kind of difference ," one user wrote. Another said, "There are SO many REAL issues at hand and you are worried about a sign...and who's working?! Number one you haven't worked a day in your life I'm have zero idea what manual labor is...the ONLY work you know how to do is run your mouth."

Braunwyn wasn't going to let her critics attack her without getting another word in, though. Keep scrolling to learn how she defended herself.

Braunwyn Windham Burke has a question for her followers

Braunwyn Windham Burke addressed her haters in a video shared to her Instagram Story later on June 7 and accused them of being against women's empowerment.

"So my recent post with Barb about the signage that I just couldn't understand really has me floored about how many women are okay with that and how many parents of young daughters are okay with that engrained misogyny we see every day," the reality star began. "When I post things that are pro-women or pro-equality for women, it's mainly hate and it's mainly from women. ... That being said, why do you think that women are so upset about women empowerment [and] equality? I have an idea. I think it's that we are trained from a very young age to know our place. We live in a misogynistic, male-dominated world and we are taught certain things," she hypothesized.

In a following post to her Instagram Story, Braunwyn shared messages that agreed with her sentiment, with many blaming the competition women feel against each other, jealousy, and internalized misogyny for the backlash she received. However, there were still plenty of fans who disagreed with Braunwyn. On Reddit, many "Real Housewives" followers called her out again. "A construction sign- with all the issues women face across the globe you want to go after a construction sign. That's the problem- YOU," one person wrote. It seems like Braunwyn isn't going to win any more people over on this topic.