The Real Reason Too Hot To Handle's Haley Is Getting Heated On Social Media

"Too Hot to Handle" star Haley Cureton is not letting internet trolls get away unscathed. In a heated post to Instagram on July 8, the reality star called out fans for commenting on her obvious transformation since appearing on the show in 2020.

"I'm so grateful for everyone who follows and keeps up with me and comments on my post but Jesus Christ can some ppl SHUT THE F**K UP," she seemingly yelled in the caption of her selfie, which can be seen below. "I'm so open about getting work done since THTH I literally talk about everything I had done (nose job, fat transfer to forehead and lip filler) I literally said on the show if I ever had the money I would get a nose job and I meant it!!" she continued. Haley shared before-and-after photos in February of the results of her above-mentioned plastic surgery. She also got breast implants following her stint on "THTH," per ScreenRant.

"I understand that people are entitled to their opinion and it's ok to think I looked better before or after but with the show being a little relevant again literally all my top comments are about my appearance and it's so f***king LAME," she added, clearly annoyed. This isn't the first time Haley has called out people from commenting on her looks, though. Keep scrolling to find out what she said just six days before her fiery post.

Haley Cureton has no problem addressing her looks

Haley Cureton took to the comment section of her July 2 selfie on Instagram to address people writing about her transformed face as well.

"Everyone watching THTH now and commenting on this, yes I used my money to get surgery, THTH was filmed YEARS ago, over 2 years, I was freshly 21 and now I am 23," she said. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it's ok people who say I looked better before or look better now but I did what I wanted and am just trying to live my best life," she confirmed. It seems like Haley has deleted most of the unpleasant comments surrounding her looks under the photo, as most of the comment section is filled with heart-eyed emojis and compliments.

The comment section under her July 8 selfie is also quite positive. "I literally just watched the episode where you said you'd get a nose job if you ever got that type of money! & welll look bestie you made it & YOU LOOK FABULOUS," one fan wrote. "Don't listen to the hate comments," another said with a red heart emoji. "You are gorgeous and you don't need to prove or justify yourself at all. You deserve love and only love." Regardless, Haley still has plenty of supporters who don't think her lips are "Too Hot to Handle!"