First Photo Of Sex & The City Revival Reignites Fan Fury

Carrie Bradshaw once said, "They say nothing lasts forever ...dreams change, trends come and go..." (via Goodreads), and that's what some people are thinking after seeing the first stills from the upcoming "Sex and the City" reboot called "And Just Like That..."

Per Page Six, fans got a first look at the upcoming revival through some photos released by HBO Max on July 9. Unfortunately, "nothing lasts forever" applies in this case, as fans are still wanting a certain character back. "Sex and the city without Samantha is like cereal with no milk," one unhappy fan wrote after seeing a still of iconic characters Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, and Miranda Hobbes walking side-by-side without Samantha Jones. Samantha was the well-off public relations guru of the group who was always looking to add some spice into her life. Another unamused person tweeted, "Sex and the City reboot without Samantha!??!!? Like why even do it? That's so embarrassing." A third fan stated that they will not watch the reboot without Samantha.

It's not new information that Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha, will not be joining her former co-stars for the revival, as Variety confirmed the news in January. Fans were furious then, and are reminding the internet how upset they are by the news now. Keep scrolling to see the newly released still for "And Just Like That..." and how more fans are reacting.

'And Just Like That...' Samantha was gone

"Sex and the City" fans are comparing 'And Just Like That...' and its omission of Samantha to the late 1980s sitcom "Golden Girls" when Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak, left the show. The three remaining lead characters went on to have a spinoff show called "The Golden Palace," but it lasted only one season, per Showbiz CheatSheet. One fan also compared Samantha Jones' character to "Golden Girls" character Blanche Devereaux. "Not watching it Samantha was their blanche so it won't be the same," they hypothesized.

Meanwhile, other fans simply didn't like what they were seeing from the first look photos regardless if Samantha (Kim Cattrall) there was not. "Samantha must've taken all the color in their closets with her too," one fan complained about what they believe is a dull color scheme in one of the photos. Others noted that Charlotte York-Goldenblatt's smile looked different. "Also why does Charlottes 'smile' look awful in this photo??? She was always had a great smile!" they questioned. Another fan echoed what many were saying: that a "Sex and the City" revival was unnecessary. "Sometimes you just gotta let things go. Also...this looks sort of bland," they wrote.

As of this writing, the release date for "And Just Like That..." is unknown. When it does come out, skeptics can determine if their concerns were valid or if they'll be tuning into the whole series as reinvigorated fans.