The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Is Changing Her Beauty Brand Name

Kim Kardashian is shutting down her beauty brand for a moment for a total re-brand.

The reality star took to Instagram to announce her KKW Beauty brand will be temporarily shut down to relaunch "under a completely new brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative, and packaged in an elevated and sustainable new look," according to Entertainment Tonight. In a series of Instagram Stories, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star thanked her "loyal customers" for the past four years of KKW Beauty and broke the news to fans that the brand will be shutting down on August 1. "I'm excited to continue to develop and expand my product range and for you to finally be able to experience it the way that I have always envisioned," said the Kardashian, who plans to combine KKW Beauty and KKW fragrance under one umbrella. 

Kim began the beauty brand in 2017 and sold part of her company to giant Coty in a $200 million deal in 2019. Luckily for fans, the rebranding process means huge sales on the KKW Beauty website. Yet, what most really want to know is why the SKIMS owner is changing the name of her brand, and if it has anything to do with her divorce. Keep reading to find out!

Is Kim Kardashian trying to drop the "West" name from her brand?

The KKW Beauty brand by Kim Kardashian first took off with an in-demand contour kit. So why would the celeb change the brand that helped her become a billionaire?

Fans first speculated the rebrand of KKW Beauty might have something to do with Kim's divorce and the desire to drop the "W" in KKW (after all, KKW does stand for Kim Kardashian West). Yet, sources behind the scenes of the rebrand have shared that Kim's divorce from Kanye West has nothing to do with it. In fact, the rapper is a part of the whole process. "Kim's decision to rebrand has nothing to do with dropping the W in KKW since she has not changed her legal name and still goes by West," a source told Page Six. "It has been in the works for a while, and Kanye actually helped Kim to come up with the new brand name." An insider added to WWD that West even helped Kim design new packaging for the brand, confirming the star's divorce isn't a factor in the KKW Beauty rebrand. 

What could be a factor in the decision is the $200 million deal with Coty the reality star made in 2019. At the time, the 20% sale meant Kim Kardashian would eventually follow the steps of her younger sister's Kylie Cosmetics and branch off into skincare, according to Entertainment Tonight. In the meantime, contour kits at a discounted price seem like a win-win.