How Much Is Sydney McLaughlin Actually Worth?

Before Sydney McLaughlin was an Olympic track star, she was a small town girl who ran in Dunellen, New Jersey just for fun. She grew up in a family of runners and her parents reportedly signed her up for her first race when she was 6 years old, according to a July interview with L'Officiel

"Running was just fun," she said. "Winning for the first time and seeing how happy my parents were and getting rewarded with candy — I decided that's what I wanted to do. My parents didn't really coach or train me — they just let me run and I would win, and they saw potential in that." 

McLaughlin continued to win races, but everything changed when she went to the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials when she was only 16. She was allegedly the youngest person to earn a spot on the team since 1980. Although she placed fifth in the semifinals at the 2016 Olympics, she was "happy [she] got the experience" and knew she could "come back better." McLaughlin might be a successful athlete, but does her bank account reflect that? Keep reading to see how much she's actually worth.

Sydney McLaughlin has amassed a small fortune

Sydney McLaughlin is worth an estimated $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. After the 2016 Olympics, McLaughlin ran for one year at the University of Kentucky before turning pro, per L'Officiel. Since the coronavirus pandemic delayed the Tokyo Olympics by one year, she had a lot of time to think about her career and who she was off the track. "It helped me understand that my identity is not found in whether I win or lose a race, what place I get, or how much money I make. Track is not who I am, it's what I do."

However, being an Olympic athlete comes with plenty of endorsement deals. In October 2018, she signed a multi-year deal with New Balance, via Run Blog Run. She seemed thrilled to join the brand, saying at the time (via a press release): "I'm thrilled to join the Team New Balance family, a brand that not only shares the same values and principles that are important to me but also supports its athletes on and off the track." 

McLaughlin is also a brand ambassador for watch company Tag Heur, and noted, "Our shared passion for high performance, mental strength and the 'Don't crack under pressure' spirit made this a natural and authentic match," according to Calibre magazine. She appears to be putting her earnings to good use and reportedly has a Mercedes named Chili, per The Guardian.