Who Does Bill Gates Blame For His Divorce From Melinda?

Once, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates seemed inseparable. The software pioneer's seemingly solid family dynamic may have been enough for many to dismiss any infidelity rumors. Besides, their association and philanthropic acts through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were a testament to what appeared to be a long and enduring 27-year-long marriage.

However, in the summer of 2021, the couple announced that they were ending their marriage. Soon after, reports of Bill's extra-marital affairs started surfacing. Bill's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein was also put into question. According to The New York Times, multiple sources also reported that the ex-Microsoft boss and one of the world's wealthiest people had engaged in inappropriate work-related behavior. Per TMZ, the divorce documents that Melinda filed in the court revealed that their marriage was "irretrievably broken."

The divorce has attracted much scrutiny and has put the Gateses' entire relationship into question. Amid growing allegations and scrutiny, Bill reportedly found himself on the verge of tears while opening up about his marriage to Melinda. So, who does Bill blame for the divorce that's devouring media headlines? What does he feel about the relationship that once seemed to age like fine wine but ultimately ended up being a $130 billion divorce? Here's the scoop. 

Bill Gates reportedly puts the blame on himself

Bill Gates opened up about his messy divorce with Melinda Gates at Allen & Co.'s so-called "summer camp for billionaires," held early in July 2021. He was reportedly full of remorse and almost on the verge of tears. 

When Bill was asked about the end of his 27-year-long marriage during an off-record Q&A, he confessed that he may have been responsible for it. "He fessed up to messing up," an even attendee told the New York Post. "He basically referred to the fact that it [the divorce] was his fault." The source also claimed that Bill seemed "a bit emotional" about the mess and "might have been on the verge of tears." However, he did not refer to the word "affair" while talking about the end of his almost three-decade-long marriage with Melinda. The publication's sources also revealed that Bill wasn't in the best humor during the event and showed little interest in talking to attendees who would come up to him. "Bill Gates was pretty much a total a**hole," an event attendee told the outlet. 

Bill's speculated affair has also impacted his position in Microsoft — a company that he shaped up to reach unfathomable heights. Per The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft Corp. Board members decided that he should step down from the board in 2020 following an investigation of his romantic relationship with a female Microsoft employee. A spokesperson for Bill said that his decision to step down was unrelated.