Billie Eilish Is Speaking Out Against Online Trolls. Here's What She Had To Say

Billie Eilish is clapping back at online trolls who are criticizing her new music. In anticipation of her sophomore album, "Happier Than Ever," out on July 30, she is shutting down haters who believe it won't measure up to the success of her first record, "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?".

The pop sensation, who has already released new singles such as "Lost Cause" and, most recently, "NDA," is letting go of the "Old Billie" and giving fans a closer look into who she really is. Eilish recently expressed to Rolling Stone how "Happier Than Ever" was an opportunity to dig into personal trauma and release raw emotions into her writing. "I went through some crazy s***, and it really affected me and made me not want to go near anyone ever," she said, adding that these songs are more "honest" than the first album.

As a private person, Eilish claims the public doesn't know her "at all." "Anytime I see an impression on the internet, it just reminds me how little the internet knows about me," she said. "Like, I really don't share s***. I have such a loud personality that makes people feel like they know everything about me and they literally don't." And the rare instances she lets the public in, she's met with scrutiny. "It's sad because I can't give the fans everything they want," she detailed. Now, Eilish has something to say to those who criticize her (and her music).

Billie Eilish claps back

Billie Eilish doesn't have time for haters. In a new TikTok post set to her song "NDA," the artist shared a video of herself responding to internet trolls who claim she's in a "flop era."  The video shows the pop star smirking and rolling her eyes at text that reads, "is it just me or is billie in her flop era like why does she suck now...," with Eilish noting in the caption that this type of comment is "literally all i see on this app" lately. Here's what she had to say to that: "eat my dust," while jokingly adding that "my tits are bigger than yours."

This isn't the first time the pop star was met with criticism, though. Back in May, the "Bad Guy" singer faced backlash for debuting a new look described as "classic, old-timey pin-up" for her Vogue cover. Trading the baggy clothes for a tight fitting corset, the artist anticipated a negative response from fans: "If you're about body positivity, why would you wear a corset? Why wouldn't you show your actual body?" she predicted they would say. But, "My thing is that I can do whatever I want ... It's all about what makes you feel good."

She's empowering women to show off their bodies and feel confident: "Let's turn it around and be empowered in that. Showing your body and showing your skin — or not — should not take any respect away from you."