Cardi B's Twitter Outburst Has Fans Divided

Cardi B is in hot water with her fans following a controversial tweet she posted to Twitter on July 14. In a tweet that seems to be prompted by hate she continuously receives on social media, she wrote, "White twinks on this app are weird .You don't dictate people's action." According to Urban Dictionary, "twink" is a term used to describe a young, gay male. Many fans were shocked to read the statement from the "Up" singer, with one Twitter user replying, "Yeah, idk what everyone has decided Twink means in 2021 but if it's still the same as 2010, I'm out because slurs and generalizations are not it." 

Cardi then posted a second tweet, which fans believe is shading fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. "I'm humble but now ya finna make a b***h brag ....Don't ever write why Cardi ? B***h ya favs ain't selling like BARDI !" she said. The people not "selling like BARDI" portion of the statement is thought to be a reference to Minaj. Fans quickly replied to Cardi in defense of Minaj. "Not u shading nicki .. then u ask why barbz swing all the time," one fan wrote, referring to Minaj's fans being so protective over her. Another person told her to "keep quiet." However, many fans celebrated Cardi's success and felt like Cardi's tweets are valid.

Cardi B noticed the controversy she caused, which prompted her to follow up with another tweet regarding her opinion. Keep scrolling to learn what she said.

Cardi B states, 'I said what I said'

Cardi B has no regrets about causing a stir with her July 14 tweets. In fact, she replied to the criticism she received by doubling down on her words. "I said what I said and I'm not taking it back!!! Ya love to hide behind black female artist pictures on your avi and be the ones saying the most disrespectful s*** about women & dictating their moves and start wars between female artist fans ALWAYS!" she slammed. She also retweeted an account that agreed with her frustration. "Cardi is so right. There's so many stans in the community that say very racist things about black female artist and think it's okay because they 'stan' a black woman," the tweet read.

Once again, there was much divide in the replies to Cardi's tweet and retweet. "Here's your chance to keep a loyal follower of 10 years. Your career has plummeted worse than the stock market crash in 2008, and I'm not accepting it anymore. Make better music or else I WILL be taking my streams elsewhere," one unamused person threatened. "Not you ending them," one person wrote in agreement with the expecting mother. "As you should! Stand your ground sis." Another replied, "Yessss I love that she's not scared to speak up."

It's clear that Cardi is standing by her words, so it's up to the fans to choose if they want to say "I Like It" or not.