Megan Fox's Comments About Donald Trump Explained

Donald Trump's appearance at UFC 264 sure left a lasting impact. The ex-POTUS was spotted in a star-studded crowd in Las Vegas on July 10 catching the face-off between MMA superstars Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Mel Gibson, who once said he wasn't a fan of Trump, was fatefully captured by a TikToker (via The Daily Beast) hailing Trump with a military salute, eliciting the expected mockery. As author John Pavlovitz simply tweeted, "Mel Gibson is who we thought he was."

An unexpected star to get dragged for her association with Trump at UFC 264, however, was admittedly outspoken actor Megan Fox. The "Till Death" star spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on July 13 about her experience being seated in the same row as the ex-Commander-in-Chief. "He had, like, 30 secret service with him. He was a legend," Fox recalled. "That arena was very supportive of Trump when he came in ... I've never seen anything like that before. It was crazy." Twitter instantly flew into a frenzy, with many taking this as Fox outing herself as a Trump fan. "[M]egan fox confirmed trump supporter??? all my energy will now be solely used for meg thee stallion," one such disappointed Twitter user wrote

The controversy surrounding Fox's remarks caused her to give an Instagram Story clarification on July 14. Here is what Fox revealed about her political standings.

Megan Fox kisses off Trump comment-haters

Megan Fox is not here for the cancel culture and she made that clear in her July 14 text-based Instagram Story (via People). After she described row-mate Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as "a legend" at July 10's UFC 264 event in Las Vegas, the actor was both criticized and praised for seemingly confirming pro-Trump allegiances. Neither is the truth, Fox wrote in her Story. "Uhmmm ... I do not align myself with any political party or individual politicians. I never said Donald Trump is a legend. I said he was a legend ... in that arena (key part of the sentence)," she wrote. "The arena was filled with UFC fight fans. Many of them clearly Republican based off the insane crowd reaction he received walking into the T-Mobile venue. That was an observable fact. Not my opinion," Fox's lengthy caption stated firmly. 

The actor, who had also told host Jimmy Kimmel her main focus was "my own safety ... I was like, I don't know how I feel about it, because if someone is a target, then ... I could be harmed because I'm adjacent to where he is," condemned the knee-jerk reactions in her Instagram Story, sarcastically continuing, "Really loving this uneducated mid-evil, pitchfork carrying, burn a witch at the stake mentality though. The world needs more of that." As with most items of "Megan Fox news," it's best to let the actor's words just speak for themselves.