Why Sherri Shepherd Says Jamie Foxx Owes Her Money

Sherri Shepherd is reminiscing on the state of her career, looking back at who influenced the TV host to get into comedy. The actor and comedian appeared on theĀ "PEOPLE in the '90s" podcast, describing the decade as "full of freedom, fun, and ... wanting to be those girls I saw on TV."

Shepherd went into detail about how a trip to The Comedy Store turned into a career in comedy. "I just remember being there and it was like being at home and this excitement," said the actor, who revealed it was comedian Eddie Griffin who said "just do it scared." The former "View" host continued, "'how do I do it?' ... I just was a shy girl, still am a little shy. But he said, 'Do it scared,' which is my mantra for life." Shepherd also mentioned how fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay also encouraged her, and named-dropped another famous comic: Jamie Foxx.

Shepard remembered her early years in coming up in comedy side by side with Foxx. "I just remember Jamie Foxx getting on stage and he'd do these characters that just would have you cracking up," recalled Shepard. The actor then shared how Foxx still owes her money from the 90s. Read on to find out why.

Jamie Foxx borrowed $50 from Sherri Shepherd

The story behind why Jamie Foxx owes Sherri Shepherd money goes back to the 1990s, when the actors were making their way into Hollywood on "In Living Color."

"He might deny it to this day," the former "View" host told People. "He might act like he don't. Oh, he might have little memory blasts, but, yes, he does owe me $50." Shepard continued, "I think it was the final call back or something for 'In Living Color,' it was some audition he was going for, and he didn't have any money. And it was one of those days where his girlfriend had put him out."

The comedian's story detailed Foxx's relationship with his now ex-girlfriend and how when the romance came to end, the actor leaned on Shepherd. "She put him out and he didn't have any money," Shepherd explained. "And I loaned him $50, and he never gave it back to me. And if you talk to him and he coming at, 'I don't remember.' No, you owe me $50, Jamie Foxx." Considering Foxx is now worth an estimated $150 million, it may be time for the actor to pay back his debts with old friends.