Why Rudy Giuliani's Alleged Behavior On Election Night Is Raising Eyebrows

Presidential biographer Michael Wolff, author of "Fire & Fury," released a new book called "Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency," which details the last days of former President Donald Trump's time in office. In an interview with MSNBC, Wolff claimed to Andrea Mitchell that after the November 3 election "the West Wing as the leader of the executive branch absolutely closed down," as Trump shifted his focus to challenging the election results.

Wolff also explained that Trump's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, even contacted the Biden team to begin a transition of some kind as Trump was refusing to do so. According to Wolff, Rudy Giuliani had been in Trump's ear the night of the election telling him that he was going to win, no matter what the numbers looked like at the time, giving the president false hope. Even when Fox News declared Biden the winner, Trump didn't believe it. "These things get into his head and they stick there and you cannot shake him," Wolff explained. Giuliani had also convinced Trump that when the election results made their way to the Supreme Court, the outcome would be in their favor, since Trump had appointed three of them.

Giuliani's delivery of misinformation to President Trump wasn't the only concerning behavior at the White House. Read on to find out why else he was raising eyebrows at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rudy Giuliani was reportedly 'incredibly drunk' on election night

On November 3, 2020, when the results of the election were slowly rolling in, Rudy Giuliani was reportedly telling Donald Trump he would absolutely win the election, which concerned some of his top aides, according to what biographer Michael Wolff told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. "He was pulled aside by some of Trump's key aides and he was pulled aside into at the White House, the china room," Wolff divulged (per Raw Story).

"And at that moment, Rudy was incredibly drunk, weaving this way and that way," Wolff claimed. "And the china, those place settings from every president are very valuable and Trump's aides were obviously, or rightfully concerned about what Giuliani was saying to the president about the election, and giving him this misinformation. But they were also concerned that he was going to break the china."

In the book, Wolff reportedly describes a moment when President Trump actually acknowledged Giuliani's alleged drinking problem to a caller. "In a nearly reflective or perhaps slightly shamed moment, [Trump] explained to a caller that he knew Rudy took a drink too many, and that he was a loose cannon, and that he said a lot of s**t that was not true," Wolff wrote, per Insider. Trump's top aides supposedly thought Giuliani was buzzed a lot of the time and constantly "in the mumble tank" and "on the verge of senility," according to the biographer.