Who Is Britini D'Angelo From Big Brother?

Coming into the "Big Brother" house ready to win, Britini D'Angelo is another Britini (or Britney) who definitely seems unstoppable this summer. The millennial-aged kindergarten teacher from Niagara Falls, N.Y. has a wide variety of interests, from dancing, to karate, to Mario Kart. She's already made a splash on Season 23! 

Per her bio on CBS' website, Britini is one of those active athletes who is always doing something. She has danced for 19 years in 12 different styles, is a fourth-degree black belt in the Chuck Norris System, and plays first and second base on a bar league softball team. In fact, Britini is so used to being occupied with activities that her biggest concern going into the house is not knowing what to do with herself during downtime. "I definitely want to have a very good routine in the house so that I can get through these 'downtime periods' effectively!" she said.

Britini is a self-proclaimed "total extrovert." But when it comes to playing the game, will that help her or hurt her? Read on for more info on this newcomer. 

Britini is a competitor at heart

As an athlete, Britini D'Angelo is ready to go into this competition swinging. "I am a competitor at heart ... and I thrive in competitive environments," she said in her bio on CBS' website. While some past competitors have purposely thrown competitions like James on Season 17, Britini assures us we will be seeing none of that from her. "Like Frankie Grande said, I just don't think throwing competitions is in me, ya know?" she said. "But, if you see me throwing something, know that I'm 100 percent doing it for a strategic reason."

As for her strategy to win Season 23? Britini plans to enter the house guns blazing, so to speak. "My strategy for winning the game is, simply put, to never forget who I am as an individual, be AUTHENTIC in the house, win competitions in order to secure relationships/alliances in the house, and not be afraid to make the BIG MOVES!" she said. "Big risk means even bigger reward!"

Britini is also an avid TikToker with 170,000-plus followers and counting, posting plenty of dance videos. And her Instagram page seems absolutely bursting with energy. We can't wait to see her translate that to the game!