The Truth About Sexy Beasts' Ibrahim And Gabi

Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" might just be the most outrageous dating show we've encountered yet. As Wired points out, the American series was inspired by a British series also called "Sexy Beasts" that disguises contestants in complex makeup and prosthetics so that they look like wild animals. The motivation for such elaborate disguises is, of course, so that the contestants are encouraged to meet and potentially fall in love with someone based on deeper traits than physical appearance.

The dating show is definitely turning heads because there's so much to discover about the novel series. Also, does the narrator's voice sound familiar? You probably know the name. While the series is certainly creative, people have lots to say about it. For some, the premise is just entirely too strange. Love it or hate it, people do couple up on "Sexy Beasts" and there's one duo that we're curious about. What's the deal with Ibrahim and Gabi?

Ibrahim and Gabi didn't stay together

Ibrahim stunned on "Sexy Beasts" as a wolf while Gabi was an owl. They met in episode 4. Each episode featured one lead, or the picker, and three dates. Ibrahim was the picker and had dates with Bella, Gabi, and Karissa, according to The Cinemaholic. Of course, Gabi ended up winning Ibrahim's heart, at least on the show. 

Ibrahim works as a dancer and graffiti artist in New York City while Gabi, who hails from West Virginia, currently lives in London, where she's studying at the Royal Veterinary College, per the outlet. It'll come as no big surprise that Gabi is wild about animals and she and Ibrahim hit a momentary roadblock when he said he absolutely does not like dogs in bed. (She has two dogs.) However, they decided to continue pursuing each other and were super comfortable with one another.

Did they stay together though? Amazingly, as Decider notes, Ibrahim does not have an Instagram account, but Gabi does. After a deep dive into her account, there is no evidence that she and Ibrahim have remained together. So maybe their connection was something of a shipboard romance. Bummer. They were cute together.