Married At First Sight: Inside Rachel And Jose's Marriage

Lifetime's "Married at First Sight" is finally back, and the fans are loving the new five couples featured on Season 13. The series, which premiered on July 21, follows each pair after meeting at the altar. Matched by relationship experts, each duo sets off on a honeymoon before returning home to live as a married pair for eight weeks, when they then decide to stay together or get divorced.

As we've seen on the show, things can go either way, like Season 5's Anthony D'Amico and Ashley Petta's successful marriage or Season 8's Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk's bitter divorce, per Screenrant.

However, newlyweds Rachel and Jose are hoping their blind-marriage is a success, and from a look at their backgrounds, these two seem pretty compatible. Both Rachel and Jose have been in unsuccessful relationships and are looking to change that, plus their similar upbringings could definitely spark conversation. Keep scrolling for more about Rachel and Jose's marriage.

Rachel and Jose are a perfect match

Although Rachel and Jose met minutes before they said, "I do," everyone could see that they at least had one thing in common: they were ready for marriage. In fact, Rachel said that her last failed relationship helped prepare her for this big step, restoring "her hopes of being in a loving marriage with the right man," as People puts it. Rachel, who hails from Houston, Texas, says that her relationship insecurities stem from her parents' divorce, but hopefully she and Jose can break her cycle of unsuccessful romances.

As for Jose, who's from Pearland, Texas, he's also struck out in the past when it comes to love. After growing up in a home where his parents struggled to provide, he's eager to have a family of his own, but he says he hasn't been able to find a woman with his same desires, per Screenrant. With their commitments to fostering a healthy marriage and future family, it sounds like these two really have a shot at forever.