Married At First Sight: The Real Reason Luke Cuccurullo And Kate Sisk Split

Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk had one of the most tumultuous breakups in Married At First Sight history. The two were matched together in Season 8, which was hosted in the city of Philadelphia. At the time, they both expressed excitement about embarking on their new marriage. "My bride is walking down the aisle and she looks absolutely beautiful," Luke gushed to producers about his wedding. "I recognize her immediately," he added. Unlike the marriage experiment's tradition, Luke recalled meeting Kate a few weeks before their televised nuptials. Though Kate did not recognize the civil engineer, she did share how instantly attracted she was to her husband. However, unfortunately, that wasn't enough to keep them together. 

During the weeks they spent living together, the hotel marketing specialist explained how awkward their relationship became. "Last night I did have a talk with Luke about how he feels about me in terms of is he attracted to me and it came out that, no, I'm not his type," she shared in a personal video confessional. "It's like worse case scenario, this is one of the fears I had going into this," she added. Kate later recalled Luke telling her that "he felt dead inside" and "repulsed" immediately after the couple shared their first kiss while on their honeymoon. But this was only the beginning of the shocking details surrounding their short-lived marriage. 

Luke Cuccurullo was 'repulsed' by Kate Sisk

By Decision Day, Kate Sisk explained her reluctance to stay married to Luke Cuccurullo. "I'm not sure this could get to a point where we would both have what we need in a marriage," she told Luke and the panel of experts. "It would be best for us to go our separate ways," Kate added. "I do feel like overall, it's not healthy to be so emotionally drained all the time," he told Kate. "I think we should get a divorce."

While at the reunion, Kate shared a more detailed account of what happened the night Luke told her how "repulsed" he was by her. "You were always the one that initiated cuddling with me," she declared after Luke accused her of always wanting sex. "I just thought that maybe we could have sex on our honeymoon. So we talked about it and you said 'Yes.' So you went and got a condom and we had sex." However, she recalled how things went left after Luke started acting strange. "I noticed something was off so I asked you if you were okay, and you said, 'No I feel dead inside.' Then you got up, went to the bathroom, and you said 'I feel repulsed.'" After telling her husband they needed to talk, she claimed Luke responded by asking her if she thought he was a homosexual. If anyone ever needed an example of 'he's just not that into you,' Luke and Kate take the cake.