The Truth About Mia Thornton's Relationship With Her Mother

"Real Housewives of Potomac" star Mia Thornton made her debut as the new face of Season 6 and has already provided plenty of nail-biting entertainment. The entrepreneur has come out guns-blazing in her on-screen fights with fellow housewife, Wendy Ofeso. Mia even put her hand in Wendy's face, per People. Afterward, she refused to back down, telling Wendy, "I talk with my hands, sorry, you got to get used to it." And she wasn't apologizing either, "[I]f you don't like it, you can sit over there," she said on-screen. Of course, Wendy hurled a retaliatory warning down the gauntlet, saying, "I am Zen Wen, so do not try to come for me because what I do have, and what I will always have, is time. So tick-tock, Mia."

Mia has regaled "RHOP" fans with stories of how she met her husband at an adult nightclub as a bartender (Wendy wasted no time calling shade) and has also listed all the plastic surgery she has had. According to the U.S. Sun, she stated on-camera, "So I get my botox every four weeks. I get fillers. I have my lips. I've had four boobs [jobs]. I've had a tummy tuck." Mia was generous with the tea and continued, "I've had Abdominoplasty. I've had my a** done. I think I could continue to go on. I've even had my cl** worked on." Girl! 

But it seems as if she's been saving the drama for her mama, literally.

Mia Thornton got real about her childhood on 'RHOP'

Mia Thornton has worked hard to get where she is. She recently kept it 100 when speaking about her childhood on an episode of "The Real Housewives of Potomac." Mia didn't have a cushy start in life. She was in foster care because she didn't have the ideal home-life situation. It turns out her mother had a drug addiction, per Entertainment Weekly, and wasn't able to care for her as she was growing up. Now, Mia has been trying to bridge the gap between her and her mom, but it hasn't been easy. Especially because "All I remember is my mom giving me up, and that's just where we are," she said on the show.

Mia also told Gizelle Bryant that she believes her mother was only doing the best that she could. However, she wanted to move their relationship forward as she wanted to "open up the conversation to talk about things that have hurt me." It seems as if Mia believes that she will only be able to mend their mother-daughter relationship if they get honest and authentic about what really went down so many years ago. "I think that will be the start of building a bond," she added. 

Let's face it, Mia's backstory is just as dramatic as any titillating tea that she's been involved in. We can't wait for her to keep bringing it, but hopefully she and her mom can bond further.

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