How Lynne Spears Really Feels About Britney Wanting To Remove Jamie As Her Conservator

Britney Spears has officially made a move to remove her father, Jamie Spears, as the conservator of her estate, according to People magazine. The petition was filed on July 26 and a ruling is expected when the case heads back to court on September 29. In the petition, Britney's new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, requested that Jamie be removed and replaced by certified public accountant, Jason Rubin. In the filing, Rosengart made it clear that his client was not forfeiting the right to file to terminate her conservatorship. According to TMZ, removing Jamie is just the first step; a petition to end the conservatorship is expected to be filed after Jamie is removed.

Through all of these court hearings, Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, has been very quiet. She hasn't spoken with the press other than saying a few words to journalists Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino for a piece they published in The New Yorker back on July 3. "I don't know what to think ... It's a lot of pain, a lot of worry," she said, appearing to be careful with her words. Now that Britney has taken a stand against her dad — and is moving forward in an effort to rid him of control over her life — many are wondering how Lynne is feeling about her ex-husband possibly getting ousted from his role. Thanks to TMZ, we know the answer. Keep reading for more.

Lynne Spears has filed court documents of her own

On July 25, TMZ caught up with Lynne Spears at LAX as she was walking with her son, Bryan Spears. Lynne, who was wearing a face mask, appeared upbeat, even waving to the nearby camera. When asked how Britney Spears was doing, Lynne seemed to nod as she responded, "she's fine." And while she didn't have too much to say to the paparazzi, it seems that she's made her own moves behind-the-scenes in support of her daughter. According to TMZ, Lynne is 100% behind Britney's decision to remove Jamie Spears as conservator. In fact, she filed her own court documents that prove such.

"Lynne says she became involved in the conservatorship in May 2019 during a 'time of crisis' for which she clearly blames Jamie, saying he had 'absolute control' over Britney's money and health decisions. Lynne claims Jamie hired a doctor to treat Britney, but she and many others believe the doc was prescribing her 'inappropriate medicine' she didn't want to take and forced her to enter a health facility after threatening punishment if she resisted," TMZ reports. 

Interestingly, a source told the outlet that Britney and her mother do not have a relationship and that the pop star actually "can't stand" her mom, and blames her for her "current circumstances."