Nick Cannon Releases Video About His Mental State

In an effort to prove he's not nuts, Nick Cannon released a bizarre stream-of-consciousness video on YouTube that did little to help his case.

After going on a diatribe about Congress and President Donald Trump, Cannon decided to address "the elephant in the room," which is the popular rumor that he's gone off the rails since his unceremonious exit from America's Got Talent. As Nicki Swift previously reported, Cannon, 36, quit the hit NBC competition series via a long Facebook rant about race that came as a shock to those at the network—and likely to his accountants, because he reportedly made a cool $4.5 million per season since he started in 2009.

"People think I'm crazy," Cannon said in his YouTube video. "They had reports that I have mental issues. Tell us some s**t we don't know! N***a I was dressing in drag at 17. I been crazy! They call me crazy 'cause I turned down millions, and millions, and millions...of dollars. I am moving on to bigger and better things, like my mixtape." He humbly added, "To be brilliant, to be a genius, to change the world, you have to be crazy. You know who else is crazy? F**king Albert Einstein, crazy as f**k. Buddha, crazy as hell. Gandhi, crazy as a motherf***er. Martin Luther King, Jr., crazy as f**k! They called him a terrorist! He was on a terrorist watch list!"

The Wild 'N Out star then touched on the feud between rappers Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj, at one point fondling a puppet in Minaj's likeness, telling the doll, "I done turned down millions of dollars; I'm gonna come stay with you."

Considering Cannon recently welcomed his third child, here's hoping he's being honest about his well-being. Cannon's video is below. Please be warned that it contains language that may not be suitable for work environments nor for younger or sensitive viewers.