Who Is Bubba Wallace's Fiancee Amanda Carter?

William Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr., known professionally as Bubba Wallace, made a name for himself as a NASCAR driver when he was hired by Richard Petty to drive the iconic number 43, "the winningest car in NASCAR history," per CBS Sports. Not only was it a big deal that Petty gave the car to a rookie, but Wallace also made history when he became the second-ever African American full-time driver in a Cup series, and the first since 1971. Wallace also made history when he used his platform for advocacy in NASCAR, calling on the sport to ban Confederate flags at their races after the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. His calls were heeded, and NASCAR banned the flag, reported The New York Times. He also attracted attention when he brought to light the fact that he was dealing with depression, an admission he later said on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s podcast that he did not think would resonate with so many people.

Through it all, he has had his family by his side. He's often pictured at the track with his mother and his sister, but there is one other person who has been with him on this incredible journey: his new fiancée, Amanda Carter. As seen on her Instagram, Wallace recently popped the question to Carter in front of a picturesque waterfall — and she said yes! But, who is the woman who will soon become Wallace's wife? Keep scrolling to find out.

Amanda Carter is a North Carolina native

Currently, Amanda Carter and Bubba Wallace live in North Carolina, her home state, according to Outsider, and she stayed in state for college, attending Appalachian State University, where she graduated with a degree in finance and banking. She was also reportedly the vice president of her sorority, Alpha Phi. And although Wallace was born in Mobile, Alabama, according to CBS Sports, he eventually moved to North Carolina with his parents, and met Carter when she was younger. 

Though the two didn't begin dating until 2016, as seen on her Instagram, one post details just how "stubborn" she was. She wrote in the caption of a photo of Wallace that they met in 2009, but the two were "just friends," citing her stubbornness as the likely reason why they did not date. She then wrote that she was happy she "stopped being stubborn," and that she "really like[d]" Wallace.

The two still seem to be living in North Carolina, and an Instagram post detailed that she bought a new house in 2019. Carter and Wallace also adopted a dog named Asher in 2020, and it looks like they are enjoying their life together in the Tar Heel State.

Amanda Carter seems to enjoy nature

A quick scroll through Amanda Carter's Instagram account seems to show that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace picked the perfect place to propose to her (in front of a waterfall)! Carter's social media account is peppered with various photos of her enjoying nature throughout her travels. In fact, there are many photos throughout the years that show her hiking various locations in the United States, including trails in Wear Valley, Tennessee; Muir Woods National Monument in California; Big Bend National Park in Texas; and Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. She and Wallace also seemingly embarked on an RVing trip in 2020, driving all the way to Utah from North Carolina and traveling along the southern part of the U.S., stopping in places like New Orleans along the way.

But Carter doesn't just like hiking. Photos on her account show Wallace and her spending time in Colorado enjoying the snow, and another, older photo, features her on the slopes in the Appalachians while in college. She also seems to like the exact opposite of snow — the beach. There are a few different photos of her enjoying the coast, but she also looks like she has fun on the water, posting some pictures of her spending time on a boat with her family or snorkeling in Hawaii.

Amanda Carter supports her fiancé even though she doesn't know anything about NASCAR

Prior to Bubba Wallace's first race as a rookie in a Cup series, he documented his preparation for his debut at the Daytona 500 in a small docu-series that aired on Facebook. The series, entitled "Behind the Wall: Bubba Wallace," mainly featured the NASCAR driver, but it also showed some of his friends and family, including Wallace's then-girlfriend, Amanda Carter. Carter appeared in almost every episode of the series, and she provided some much-needed insight into what Wallace was like off the track. Carter said she understood his passion and dedication to his sport and has supported his dream even though, in Wallace's words, she didn't know the first thing about NASCAR. "Amanda has come into this not knowing which way was up, down, left or right ... she gets it. She understands how much I love it, and how much I want to do well. Just how competitive I am," he said in the "Behind the Wall."

Carter has also supported Wallace's initiatives outside the sport, standing with him during his activism for Black Lives Matter and his speaking out about NASCAR's support of the Confederate flag. In an Instagram post, she wrote, "there is so much work to be done," in reference to the Black Lives Matter movement and Wallace's experience with NASCAR. Although she apparently didn't know anything about the sport at all, she seems to have taken it in stride, supporting her fiancé in all aspects of his life.