Siesta Key: Who Is Amanda Miller's Boyfriend, Tate Sweatt?

In May 2021, MTV's "Siesta Key" returned for its fourth season, giving fans fights, heartbreak, and drama aplenty. Per Life & Style, the reality show chronicles the wild lives of regular cast members Brandon Gomes, Amanda Miller, Jared Kelderman, Chloe Trautman, Garrett Miller, Juliette Porter, Kelsey Owens, and Madisson Hausburg on the island of Siesta Key. (The gang's co-star Alex Kompothecras was fired from the set due to previous racist remarks, according to Life & Style.) But as viewers already know, this series is no picture-perfect beach! Featuring catfights, hookups, and over-the-top parties, "Siesta Key" teaches us that love is messy, and reality TV love is even messier.

Though Juliette exclusively dished to Nicki Swift earlier in 2021 that the cast is "transforming from caring about boyfriends and girlfriends and partying" to "shifting into being adults," there's no shortage of chaotic romances playing out this season. Among familiar faces like Brandon's ex-girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo and Juliette's boyfriend Sam Logan, there's a new, hunky love interest: Tate Sweatt. So far this season, Tate has captured Amanda's attention, but it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Keep reading to find out more about Tate and Amanda!

Tate Sweatt is into fitness and nutrition

According to Feeling the Vibe, fitness buff and nutrition specialist Tate Sweatt is close with "Siesta Key" regular Garrett Miller. Tate also met Season 4 newbie Will Gray while playing baseball at Saint Leo University in St. Leo, Florida, and the pair have been buddies ever since. Naturally, Tate, Garrett, and Will all room together on the set of the show (via Distractify). But when he's not hitting home runs out of the ballpark, The Reality TV reports that Tate is just your average good guy, who's "very close with his family" and even escorted his younger sister Charlsy to her high school homecoming. The reality star's Instagram account also tells us that religion plays an important role in his life, as his bio reads "Jesus is King," and he's frequently pictured wearing a cross necklace.

That said, Tate comes with a few surprises up his nonexistent sleeves. A scroll through his social media accounts reveals that he's often shirtless, showing off a buff physique to appeal to his 74,300 Instagram followers and counting. On TikTok, he's amassed over 877,000 followers — and as Distractify reports, he has a not-so-wholesome side gig on another sexy social media platform: OnlyFans. The site (which boasts celebrities like Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey) is known for its NSFW content, so safe to say that Amanda Miller wasn't thrilled to hear about Tate's OnlyFans presence.

Is Tate Sweatt still on OnlyFans?

Tate Sweatt promotes Forge Supplements on Instagram, and maybe his success on that front was what prompted him to explore new money-making avenues. Either way, he currently charges subscribers $10/month and $21/three months for access to his steamy photos on OnlyFans. During a July episode of "Siesta Key," Amanda Miller's friends Cara Geswelli and Madisson Hausburg predicted fireworks (and not the good kind) after telling Amanda of Tate's extracurricular activities. Meanwhile, fans speculated that Amanda already knew about Tate's OnlyFans account. The truth ended up being somewhere in between — per Monsters and Critics, Amanda did know about the OnlyFans account, although Tate "told her it did not involve nude photos." Yikes!

Amanda allegedly confronted her boyfriend about the naked pictures, telling Tate "I don't want another man that's gonna lie to me" (via Monsters and Critics). When he asked how he could mend fences, Amanda put the responsibility back on his shoulders, so maybe that means Tate's OnlyFans account won't be up much longer? Whether or not Tate opts against NSFW images in the future, it sounds like this drama is far from over.