Inside Andrew Cuomo And Kerry Kennedy's Relationship Today

The New York attorney general's bombshell investigation into Andrew Cuomo's alleged history of sexual harassment has gotten a ton of attention lately, and for good reason. Per CNN, 11 women claimed they'd been harassed by the New York governor. 

The news also has folks thinking about the New York state governor's relationship history, particularly his ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy. Cuomo comes from his own American political dynasty; his father was New York governor before him, per the Democrat & Chronicle. But as the famous name suggests, Kennedy comes from American royalty, too. When Cuomo and Kennedy got married in 1990, they were set to become the power couple to end all power couples, joining two important political families into one, "Game of Thrones" style. The marriage didn't last, however. According to some reports, like this March 2021 one from Vanity Fair, Cuomo may have liked being one of the Kennedys just a bit too much. Reports have also said that some of the bullying behavior Cuomo has been accused of recently was a serious problem in his marriage.

Here's the whole story — including where the erstwhile spouses stand today.

Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy had a rough marriage

New York governor Andrew Cuomo was at the beginning of his political career when he met and married activist Kerry Kennedy. While they kept up a good face for as long as they could, all accounts indicate that the marriage ended in more or less disaster.

According to Vanity Fair, the rest of the Kennedy clan were never huge Cuomo fans. For one thing, while they enjoyed their tight-knit family gatherings, playing around, and having fun, Cuomo was reportedly the world's largest stick in the mud. "We tried to be gracious, turned on his lack of humanity. That's where I started to think, This is a bad guy. He's just a bully," said one Kennedy sibling to Cuomo biographer Michael Shnayerson, via Vanity Fair.

Eventually, Kerry had had enough. "Kerry was done being ridiculed and belittled," a source told Shnayerson. Vanity Fair also reports that a source quoted Kennedy as claiming Cuomo was abusive. "I've been a human rights activist, and for women who have abusive husbands," Kerry reportedly told a friend, "and here I am enduring this abuse." So, after the divorce, where did this dark story end?

It doesn't look like Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy still talk much

"Andrew [Cuomo] is a great father, and his daughters will be the first to say that Kerry [Kennedy] and Andrew have been great co-parents — and time showed those who spread the rumors‎ were actually the problem," a spokesperson told Vanity Fair when asked about the rumors of abuse. But other than parenting their three daughters, it doesn't look like Cuomo and Kennedy have much of a relationship at all these days.

Tellingly, Kennedy has not given a public statement regarding the investigation into Cuomo's alleged history of sexual harassment or his alleged abusive behavior. If they were still close, it would be reasonable to assume that she'd be the first person he'd want to speak up on his behalf. And if the allegations of spousal abuse are true, it would make sense for Kennedy to want nothing to do with her ex-husband, as far as she can. It doesn't look like either has made an appearance on the other's social media pages, and they very rarely speak publicly about one another. 

From the looks of things, the ex-spouses' relationship with each other is pretty close to nonexistent these days.

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