What Natasha Parker Has Been Up To Since The Bachelor

It's safe to say there have been a lot of "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants over the years, which is perhaps why not all of them become household names. Unless you make it very far on the show or go on to appear on one of ABC's spin-offs, there's a good chance you'll become a mere TV memory. However, there are tons of alums — like Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay — who go on to build entertainment careers after their reality TV experience.

One very cool former contestant, Natasha Parker, may also join that list if she plays her cards right. The brand marketing director/TV producer, who appeared on the 24th season of "The Bachelor" in 2020, may not have won Peter Weber's heart, but she's doing well for herself both personally and professionally since then. Scroll ahead to find out what she's been up to and why she's ready to give the "Bachelor" process another shot.

Natasha has a podcast with two famous Bachelor alums

Just like her friends Victoria Paul and Madison Prewett, Natasha Parker's newfound fame after "The Bachelor" helped her build a career as a social media influencer. According to her Instagram account, she's collaborated with companies like Risata Wines, Afterpay USA, and CVS Pharmacy. Aside from promoting brands, Natasha uses her platform for good and often shares posts about self-love and healing. This is, in part, because she's a proud yogi and certified meditation teacher, per her Instagram bio. She also has a website about mindfulness and being "dedicated to self-exploration."

Natasha even has a podcast called "Clickbait" with fellow "Bachelor" alums Tayshia Adams and Joe Amabile, in which they interview members of Bachelor Nation and "dissect the wildest, most ridiculous and bizarre headlines of the week in pop culture." According to the podcast's official synopsis, "Every week, a celebrity guest will join us to take us inside their world, as we get to the heart of the hottest news stories in entertainment." 

While "The Bachelor" definitely set Natasha up for success, she isn't quite done with the franchise yet.

Natasha connected with Joe Amabile on Bachelor in Paradise

Natasha Parker will try to find love again on "Bachelor in Paradise" when she joins Brendan Morais and Abigail Heringer this season. Ahead of the show's August 16 premiere, she shared some behind-the-scenes details, including the fact that she leaned on Joe Amabile throughout her experience. "We can't break everything down, but I will say that multiple times I went over to Joe," she explained. "because Joe was like our 'Paradise' guru because he had been there before. So, I'm like, 'Joe, is this what happens?' He goes, 'It wasn't like this my season.' ... I was like, 'Really?' Because we just didn't know."

It's unclear if Natasha met her match, but she revealed she was excited to date again following the pandemic. "It's been a rough time to organically meet people and date!" she told BachelorNation.com. "I've been cozy in my small studio apartment and ready to get out and mingle."