Tayshia Adams Would've Wanted To Date This Bachelor Nation Alum

Katie Thurston is preparing to watch her love life unfold on Season 17 of "The Bachelorette" alongside millions of fans, but it's Tayshia Adams' dating preferences that were highlighted during the June 3 episode of her "Click Bait" podcast. During the episode, which also included comedian Sarah Colonna, fill-in co-host Season 15 "Bachelorette" alumnus Mike Johnson, and Tayshia's co-host Natasha Parker, Tayshia was put on the spot when Colonna asked her who from Bachelor Nation she would have dated outside of her own season.

Tayshia admitted the question was "really tough" to answer, but after some hesitation, she settled on one guy: Ben Higgins. "That is really tricky because I've also hung out with a lot of these people like before my season. So if I hadn't had met a lot of people, I mean I probably would have wanted to try dating Ben Higgins because he is just like adorable," she answered. Ben led the 20th season of "The Bachelor," which ended in his engagement to Lauren Bushnell. However, they broke up the following year in 2017. Ben is currently engaged to Jessica Clarke, and Lauren is married to country singer Chris Lane.

The "Click Bait" co-hosts agreed that Ben seems to be a great guy, so it was Tayshia's next statement that came as a slight surprise. Keep scrolling to learn why Mike wasn't necessarily pleased with her full answer.

Tayshia Adams came clean about who she really would have dated from Bachelor Nation

Despite answering Sarah Colonna's curveball question on "Click Bait," Tayshia revealed that in reality, she would not want to date anyone from the "Bachelor" family. Continuing on about Ben Higgins, the reality star said, "I feel like he's just a sweetheart, you know what I mean? And he's still a sweetheart after hanging out with him, but like also I just know that we're just not compatible. "But also like probably none of them because they're all crazy," she concluded.

That was a silly mistake by Tayshia, because guest co-host Mike Johnson was a bit offended by the accidental slight towards him, since he was included in the dating pool for Tayshia's answer. "First off, first off. Wrong answer. Wrong answer. Wrong answer," he stated. "I'm gonna see myself out," he joked. Tayshia laughed it off and admitted that she forgot about him, but confirmed that she "probably would have stayed out of the 'Bachelor' world." Of course, she means no disrespect to any Bachelor Nation member, as she is happily engaged to Zac Clark, who won her season of "The Bachelorette."