The Tragic Death Of Wrestler Bobby Eaton

Bobby Eaton, former professional wrestler and an icon in the industry, died at 62 years old on August 5, People reported. Eaton leaves behind three children, Dustin, Dylan, and Taryn, whom he shared with his late wife, Donna, who died on June 26 at the age of 57.

Eaton's sister, Debbie, took to Facebook to release a message, writing, "I never wanted to have to post this, but my Little Brother Beautiful Bobby Eaton passed away last night. ... Bobby was the kindest, loving person you would ever meet. I loved him so much and going to miss him." The statement did not confirm the cause of death, however, reported in July that he had been hospitalized due to "multiple broken fingers and a banged-up hip" which were the result of "a bad fall."

In light of Eaton's death, those who knew him have been posting tributes to the man who was a beloved figure in the world of wrestling.

Tributes for Bobby Eaton poured in from the wrestling world

Bobby Eaton was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on August 14, 1958, according to IMDb. Growing up to become a professional wrestler and win a slew of coveted titles and championships, he also earned countless fans. On top of that, he was adored by those in the industry, which is why so many paid public tributes to him after his death.

"The National Wrestling Alliance is saddened to hear about the passing of the legendary 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton. ... His impact & legacy will always be remembered," the NWA tweeted. That sentiment seemed to be shared by many, including fellow wrestling star Ric Flair, who wrote, "So sad and sorry to hear about my close friend and one of the all-time greats, Bobby Eaton!" He continued by noting that "Beautiful Bobby and the Midnight Express were one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the business!"

WWE wrestler Cash Wheeler called Eaton "one of the best to ever step in a ring," while English wrestling figure William Regal wrote that Eaton was his "dear friend, partner, travel buddy, teacher, [and a] superbly skilled Pro who would make everyone who knew him feel happy inside..."

Our condolences go out to Eaton's family, friends, and fans.