Why Obama's 60th Birthday Party Continues To Spark Outrage

Former President Barack Obama doesn't exactly miss his job at the White House. After former President Donald Trump took over, the director of the Obama White House's Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Munoz, told NBC News in January 2018: "He was in there for eight years. We used to joke when we were in office that they weren't regular years, they were dog years."

Meanwhile, Obama's senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, told the outlet: "He doesn't spend any time at all wishing he were back in the Oval Office." Post-presidency, Obama opened up about how his time in Washington affected his marriage to Michelle Obama and how the stress of the job took its toll on his family. Thankfully though, they remained together, and it was Michelle who stole the spotlight after the Obamas moved out of the White House. She wrote the memoir "Becoming" and launched a Netflix documentary of the same name. She also launched a podcast called "The Michelle Obama Podcast," according to the BBC, as well as a Netflix show for children about food and cooking. So, yeah, they've been busy since serving as the first family.

But it hasn't been all work for the Obamas. In fact, the family is making big news as they celebrate Barack's 60th birthday. While this is a time for celebrating, not all of the buzz is good.

The Obamas brought star power to Martha's Vineyard

At the Obamas' residency in Martha's Vineyard, preparation has been underway for the former president's 60th birthday. As the New York Post notes, the plan was initially to have a "scaled-down" event on their nearly $12 million property, but it seems like things are moving in a more lavish direction. A massive tent has been erected on their property to host the myriad guests who arrived at the Massachusetts-based island for the big shindig set to take place over the weekend, the outlet adds.

The guest list is nothing short of impressive. As TMZ notes, Martha's Vineyard has been flooded with A-listers like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union. Ellen DeGeneres was spotted in town, as was Bradley Cooper. Add to this list Nancy Pelosi and Rev. Al Sharpton; Jay Z and Beyonce are also expected to attend. Many of these guests were spotted on Aug. 6 at the Winnitu Ocean Resort for a pre-party celebration, per the Post. 

While this is all very exciting for the Obamas, some residents of the island are upset with the situation. Here's why.

Residents of Martha's Vineyard have reportedly complained about the upheaval from Barack Obama's party

While Martha's Vineyard is buzzing with activity thanks to the party vibes brought by the Obamas, residents are struggling to handle the surge of activity. As TMZ notes, the Secret Service set up checkpoints on the island near the Obamas' residency and were even blocking off roads. Instead of an intimate gathering, the event will draw hundreds of guests, the outlet speculates. Significantly, TMZ also adds that the Obamas are usually beloved by their fellow Martha's Vineyard residents, so this is an anomaly. 

On top of this rupture, many are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood that such a huge gathering could act as a super-spreader for the coronavirus' Delta variant. However, the New York Post notes that guests had to provide negative Covid-19 tests, and a medical professional will be present, acting as a "COVID Coordinator." Guests were also gifted with face masks. 

It's worth noting, too, that much of the celebrations appear to be taking place outside, which, as the CDC notes, is safest for people, and guests are not required to wear masks outside.