How McKayla Maroney Feels About Simone Biles Being Called The G.O.A.T.

A lot has been said about Simone Biles since her departure from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For those that did not tune in, Biles, who has often been touted as the greatest gymnast of all time (and one of the best athletes overall), shocked the world when she bowed out of the games. During a team competition, Biles bailed on a vault landing and quickly left the mat. She returned a short while later, but opted not to participate in the competition. She announced that, while she was not physically hurt, mentally, she did not feel comfortable continuing, per CNN.

Biles ultimately opted out of every competition except Women's Balance Beam, in which she won bronze. Her decision to prioritize her mental health was controversial, as some felt that Biles should have prioritized her team and the competition. Other's applauded her decision, saying it took conviction and strength to step aside despite the metaphorical weight of the world on her shoulders.

But, what did Biles' former teammates think of her controversial Olympics appearance? After all, they understand the pressure better than anyone else. Days after the Olympics ended, McKayla Maroney, a former Olympic gymnast who competed with Biles, spoke out about Biles' place in history and her reputation as The G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). Here's what she had to say.

McKayla Maroney has Simone Biles' back

When it comes to her former teammate, McKayla Maroney has nothing but good things to say about Simone Biles. "Honestly, I do [consider Simone the greatest ever]," she told TMZ when asked about Biles. "When I competed with her back in 2013, I just felt like her gymnastics were so much better than mine." Maroney and Biles competed together in the 2013 world championships. Maroney won one gold and Biles won two. "I mean, we competed with each other in the vault, and I was kind of head-to-head with her on that, but she blows everyone out of the water on every single event," Maroney added.

As for her future in gymnastics, Maroney doesn't have any plans to return to the mat any time soon. "I'm 25, and I can't see myself getting back in the gym. I did it for the little Geico commercial, but it is really tough," she told TMZ.

When it comes to Biles, though, Maroney is confident that anything is possible. According to Maroney, there's a chance Biles might make a return for the 2024 Olympics, even though she'd be 27 at the time — much older than most gymnasts. "If Simone wants to do it, she can do anything," Maroney said. "She's the G.O.A.T. She can do anything."