The Real Reason Rick Harrison From Pawn Stars Got Divorced For A Third Time

At some point when you weren't looking in 2020, Rick Harrison of "Pawn Stars" officially got divorced for the third time. If you're like all of us and having a quick, "Wait, what?" moment, we're here to give you the skinny on what happened between Rick and his wife of almost seven years, Deanna Burditt.

On paper, Rick — who has helmed 19 seasons of "Pawn Stars" over on the History Channel since it debuted in 2009 — appears to have a spotty track record when it comes to marriage. His first marriage to Kim Harrison lasted just three years, from 1982 to 1985. In the mid to late 80s, Rick married his second wife, Tracy Harrison, with their union lasting over 20 years until their divorce in 2011. This was also, coincidentally, the same year he met his third wife Deanna, whom he married just two years later in 2013. Now that this marriage has also come to an end, you may be wondering what happened. Here's what we know.

Rick Harrison met his third wife in 2011

Rick Harrison met Deanna Burditt in 2011 and married her in Laguna Beach, California back in 2013, according to People, by which time he was already a bonafide reality TV superstar. "I'm living the dream," he reportedly told the outlet after their engagement a year earlier. The wedding was attended by 180 guests, People reported. Rick's "Pawn Stars" costar Chumlee acted as ringbearer, while Danny Koker of the reality series "Counting Cars" officiated the ceremony.

The couple exchanged traditional vows, and glam rock band Steel Panther played at the reception. "I just had no idea there was so much involved. I just thought you got a cake, had a party, buy a keg," Rick joked regarding the wedding planning process, per People.

Alas, it looks like the love story was not meant to last, and the couple got more or less secretly divorced in the spring of 2020, according to a report by TMZ. So what was the problem these two could not work out? Here's more.

Rick Harrison and Deanna Burditt grew apart

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Rick Harrison and Deanna Burditt appear to have simply grown apart to the point where they could not continue the marriage. The outlet reported that, in the suit, Rick said the couple's "tastes, mental dispositions, views, likes, and dislikes have become so divergent that they have become incompatible in marriage." TMZ also noted that the divorce may have flown under the radar thanks to the timing — it was during the middle of the national George Floyd protests, not to mention a worldwide pandemic.

Rick told the outlet, "I got three great daughters out of it," referring to Deanna's three children from a previous marriage, and added that the marriage "didn't work out and [the divorce] was a mutual decision." He also said that he has moved on. Based on the "father-daughter" pics he has recently posted on his Instagram, we can at least confirm that he still considers his step-children to be his own kids. "Father daughter day off roading," Rick wrote in an August 7 Instagram post (as seen above). And he has said as much about more than just one of his stepdaughters. So at least that's nice!

Which of Rick Harrison's six kids will inherit his pawn shop?

Rick Harrison and Deanna Burditt may be divorced now, but the "Pawn Star" seemingly struck gold when he married her. Rick told People (via the Daily Mail) back in 2013 that his blended family felt like a real-life sitcom. "It's perfect symmetry. I've got three boys. She's got three girls. We're basically the 'Brady Bunch.'" When he's not valuing jewelry, the family man is often seen spending time with each of his six children — whether it be a "Father daughter day at the rodeo" or simply walking their dog Pinky. However, with such a big family, it begs the question: Who will inherit the Las Vegas landmark?

While it's unclear who will eventually take over, it's likely to be his eldest son, Corey. The 38-year-old reportedly began working at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop more than a decade ago and is known on the show for his quick quips with co-worker Austin "Chumlee" Russell (per Distractify). Like his father, Corey also suffered a marriage breakdown, divorcing Korina Harrison after just one year. "With our competing work schedules, we just weren't able to make the marriage work but remain good friends and want only the best for each other," Corey told The Blast

Rick's other sons, Adam and Jake, apparently have gone in different career directions. According to Distractify, Adam, in particular, used to assist in the pawnshop, but had no desire for fame, so he now works as a plumber. The girls, however, simply seem to be enjoying college and going out with their old man.