90 Day Fiance: The Real Reason Fernanda And Jonathan Divorced

For "90 Day Fiancé" fans, the saying "age is just a number" was one expression used to describe Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera's relationship. The pair starred in the sixth season of the show and fans were initially shocked by their age difference; at the time of filming, Fernanda was 19 while Jonathan was 32 years old. But despite the age gap, the two made fans fall in love with their fiery romance, and believe that love conquers all. That is, until their divorce.

However, the two did bounce back quickly into new romantic relationships of their own. Following their split, Fernanda dated Bachelor Nation's Clay Harbor, per In Touch. Then, she starred in the "90 Day Fiancé" spin-off called "90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life." On the other hand, Jonathan has stayed relatively private online, but is reportedly married to a new woman and expecting a baby. 

While it seems the two are happier separated, how did Fernanda to Jonathan detour away from their "Happily Ever After" in the first place, and what led to their divorce? Keep scrolling to find out. 

What was Fernanda and Jonathan relationship like on the show?

It was love at first sight for Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera. After meeting in Mexico — where Fernanda is from — Jonathan convinced Fernanda to join him in the States so they could begin their life together, per Screen Rant. Yet, coming to America and getting married within 90 days all while adjusting to a new life with little family around is a difficult feat. And it was one obstacle that proved to be tough for Fernanda and Jonathan.

In one clip of the hit TLC series, Fernanda explains how alone she feels after moving by herself and needs Jonathan to come home after work so she has company. But that's not the only reason for their downfall; there were trust issues. In another clip, Fernanda spoke about how she found another woman's undergarments in Jonathan's drawers, causing her self-esteem to completely plummet. "It make[s] me feel stupid," she said. Despite the ups and downs, the two married in May of 2018.

While the couple was able to work out their issues during the 90 days, after their wedding, things went downhill. The two split less than a year after their marriage and finalized their divorce in March 2020, per People

Where do Fernanda and Jonathan stand today?

Staying private, Jonathan Rivera gave a vague answer to why he and Fernanda Flores split. According to E! News, the "90 Day Fiancé" star took to Instagram Live after an episode confirming the split and setting his record straight. "I promise you, I didn't give up. I gave 110% to my marriage," he said. "Fernanda and I will remain friends ... I will give everything I can to the next person in my life."

It seems like that's exactly what he did. Following his and Fernanda's split, Jonathan moved on to his now-wife Janelle Miller. Not only that, Jonathan is about to be a father. Per In Touch Weekly, the real estate agent announced the news on Facebook, saying, "We will be welcoming our first child, our son, in August! We love him so much already."

Per E! News, Fernanda posted a now-deleted YouTube video explaining her side of the story — which was finding more things in Jonathan's drawers. "I found a lot of stuff — not just underwear. Sex toys, pictures, movies, and stuff," she explained. Despite the heartbreak, Fernanda has moved on as well. Fernanda posted her new boyfriend (seen above) on Instagram in May, captioning it, "And just like that he took me out of 'The Single Life.'" While Fernanda and Jonathan didn't work out for each other, we can only hope they will end up "Happily Ever After" with their new partners!