Too Hot To Handle Season 3 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Fans of the Netflix hit show "Too Hot to Handle" may still be reeling from a crazy Season 2, but, according to Variety, another season is already on the way. "The secret is out — we're thrilled to bring back 'Too Hot to Handle' for two new seasons in a tropical paradise," Netflix's VP of unscripted and documentary series Brandon Riegg told the outlet back in January. The first season of the popular show hit the streaming service in 2020, which gave subscribers another program to get sucked into during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, and that's exactly what they did. A quick Google search for the show's ratings won't prove at all impressive, but the fact that Netflix renewed "Too Hot to Handle" for two additional seasons suggests that it's a guilty pleasure.

Producers do a great job bringing together a cast of characters, most of whom are sex-driven 20-somethings with big personalities. Anything can happen when you put a cast of sexy strangers in an exotic setting, and throw a cash prize in for good measure. And while there is some personal growth along the way, viewers tune in to see whether these people choose money or lust. Why? Because the name of the game is to abstain from sexual activity. Sound intriguing? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Season 3.

When will 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 3 be released on Netflix?

"Too Hot to Handle" Season 3 does not have an official release date — yet. However, the new season has already been filmed in Turks and Caicos, according to Cosmopolitan. After Netflix renewed the show for two additional seasons, production wasted no time getting under way. Because both seasons were filmed back-to-back, viewers have been hopeful that Netflix will release the new season before the end of 2021. There was almost one full year before the first two seasons of "Too Hot to Handle," but it's entirely possible that Christmas will come early for fans of the show. Could we see a fall release? Totally. However, some sites — such as Esquire — predict that fans may have to wait until summer 2022 for the new season to drop.

Season 2 of "Too Hot to Handle" was released back on June 23, with only the first few episodes hitting Netflix at once. The following week, the streaming service released the last six episodes, according to Marie Claire. Something similar is expected for Season 3, which will likely be released in at least two stages. Netflix has not renewed the show for a fourth season, and a decision on whether or not to do so may not be made until after Season 3 drops.

Who will be part of the cast of 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 3?

"Too Hot to Handle" fans simply cannot wait to see who production cast for the third season, but no names have been released just yet. Cast members are kept under wraps before and during production, and filming at a remote location at a private resort in the Caribbean really helps keep things hush-hush. Interestingly, the cast of the show doesn't even know that they're going on the show until they actually get to the filming location and eventually find out what they really signed up for.

"Before I even flew there, I really didn't know. I just thought it was going to be a new concept," Season 1's Francesca Farago told Variety back in January. Emily Miller from Season 2 echoed those details in an interview with Express. "You know, they're all wearing Parties in Paradise t-shirts, the hats. And they had a fake host. So yeah, I genuinely had no idea," she said. Miller's beau Cam Holmes also had no idea that he wasn't going on "Too Hot to Handle." "When I was picked up to go to the villa, the driver's wearing a hat that said Parties in Paradise backwards. I was looking at it the whole time thinking, 'Okay, that must be Parties in Paradise.' Like why would they buy fake hats? Like who goes to that length? But they did. They bought fake hats," he told Express.

What are the rules on 'Too Hot to Handle'?

For those unfamiliar with "Too Hot to Handle," the rules are relatively simple: No one can have sex. Okay, maybe it's not that simple. The cast is told that they cannot have any sexual contact, whether it be kissing or heavy petting, or they will be penalized. The cast starts with a sum of money — usually $100,000. Each infraction or rule break results in a deduction of funds, which affects everyone. A kiss? Well that could run you about $3,000, while doing the deed has been known to cost $20,000. On the Season 1 finale, several cast members split the remaining money. On the Season 2 finale, the cast voted on the most changed individual in the house, and that person was awarded what was left in the pot — Marvin Anthony took home $55,000. 

The cast receives instructions and other information by a virtual assistant of sorts named Lana — and Lana doesn't miss a beat. There are cameras everywhere and no one gets away with anything. Throughout the process, the cast participates in various workshops. Anyone who isn't making progress to better themselves in some way may even be sent home. There are ways for the cast to earn some of their lost money back, but it isn't easy. It often involves extremely risky situations where two people who are very attracted to one another are sent to spend the night together and must not even kiss. Sometimes it works out — and sometimes? It doesn't.