The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Is Facing Heat For Working With Shein Clothing Company

Along with being famous for their reality TV show, buzz-worthy relationships, and drama-ridden lives, the Kardashians are known for their fashion-focused ways (although some are more style-savvy than others, TBH). That's surely one of the reasons why Khloé Kardashian launched her Good American brand.

Popular among shoppers who have eagerly bought up what the inclusive clothing line has to offer, the company's growth was described as "explosive" in 2020, according to WWD. That must mean that Khloé knows a thing or two about identifying what consumers want as well as being successful in the fashion industry. And that's likely why she was brought on as a judge for the video series "Shein X 100k Challenge" alongside designer and "Project Runway" alum Christian Siriano, style director Laurel Pantin, Law Roach, and Jenna Lyons, who was formerly an executive with J.Crew.

All teaming up with "Shein, the Chinese retailer whose affordable clothes are beloved by Gen-Z and ubiquitous on TikTok," according to Page Six, the outlet noted that "[e]merging designers will get a chance to win a prize of $100,000, along with a chance to be featured in Shein's Fall/Winter 2021 virtual fashion showcase." The series runs on the Shein app and Khloé is judging the top five finalists, per her Instagram. That certainly sounds like an awesome opportunity. So why are some of Khloé's fans unimpressed? Keep reading for all of the details.

Khloé Kardashian teamed up with a controversial company

When Khloé Kardashian took to Instagram on August 18 to announce that she would be partnering with Shein to act as a judge for their design competition, she noted that she was "excited" about the opportunity. However, there are a few very good reasons why some people were upset about Khloé's involvement with this particular fashion brand (BTW, we're not shaming you if you shop there because not all of us can afford to spend money like the Kardashians).

Page Six points out that the company "which adds nearly 1,000 new items to its inventory daily, with most costing less than $10 — has been accused of copying the work of smaller designers and artists." Other outlets have reported on their "unethical labor practices," and the fact that they are allegedly a "rip off." That's not to mention that Shein produces "fast fashion," which is bad for the environment.

As for Khloé's Instagram followers, they were ready and willing to call her out on the controversial collaboration.

Khloe Kardashian's fans had strong reactions to her working with Shein

Khloé Kardashian was surely hoping that her fans would be just as excited as she apparently was when she revealed to her Instagram followers that she would be working with Shein as a judge for their virtual design competition. However, plenty of people had the exact opposite reaction. For instance, one person simply replied with, "Girl, no."

Others were willing to go a little further while responding with why they were upset and brought up the various issues with Shein, with another social media user writing, "Shein is one of the most unethical fast fashion brands." Someone else noted, "Fast fashion is bad for the environment — not cute." Another fan of Khloé who clearly isn't a fan of this choice added, "Is this a joke???? After Shein knocks off small designers."

While a few people left heart or fire emojis on Khloé's IG post suggesting that they have no issues with the competition and are supportive of her involvement, it seems like the vast majority of those speaking up aren't into this endeavor from the reality TV star.