What's Really Going On With Britney Spears' Dogs?

If you've been following the news over the past week, you might have noticed that Britney Spears made headlines more than once — and the reports did not involve her upcoming conservatorship hearing. On August 19, CBS Los Angeles reported that Spears is under investigation after an employee accused her of becoming physically violent. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Spears was the suspect in a battery investigation after an incident at Spears' home that occurred on Monday, August 16, around 10 a.m. local time. The employee claimed that Spears "struck them during a dispute."

On August 20, Page Six reported that Spears called 911 about a week before to report a theft at her home. "She called and wanted to report some type of theft. When deputies arrived and contacted her security staff, they informed the deputies that Ms. Spears decided she did not want to file a report at that time. And so, deputies left," Capt. Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office told the outlet. Just hours after that report surfaced, TMZ broke the news that Spears' dogs were taken away from her. A source told the outlet that one of Spears' dogs fell ill and needed to be taken to the vet. The housekeeper reportedly took Spears' dogs to the vet — but never brought them back home.

As it turns out, it seems that all of these reports may be connected. Read on for more.

Britney Spears' dogs have been returned to her

More details of what's been going on behind the scenes at Britney Spears' house when it comes to her dogs have been revealed — and it seems that all three of the aforementioned incidents are indeed connected. According to TMZ, Spears' dogs became very sick and appeared dehydrated, which caused the pop star's housekeeper to take them to the veterinarian. The vet was indeed concerned, and Spears' dog sitter ended up taking the dogs to her home to care for them, feeling they were better off. When Spears' dogs didn't come home, Spears called police to report them as stolen — this was the 911 call that happened on August 10 — according to the report.

On August 16, Spears got into an argument with her housekeeper regarding the dogs, according to TMZ. Spears was reportedly shown photos of her dogs on the housekeeper's cell phone, but thought that the pics had been sent to her father, Jamie Spears, so she became livid. "She allegedly grabbed for the phone and, according to the housekeeper, struck her arm in the process," TMZ reported.

Britney Spears' dogs have since been returned to her, according to an update provided by TMZ. The report also claims that the housekeeper is no longer employed by Britney Spears — and the battery investigation is still ongoing.