Celeb Assistant Confessions You Need To Hear To Believe

You're not alone in wondering what celebrities put their staff and assistants through on a daily basis, and fortunately for us, they're not keeping the juiciest stories to themselves. They might not always reveal exactly which celebrity they've worked for, but who can blame them?! If they did it's likely they'd be out of work indefinitely. At least as far as being a celebrity assistant is concerned. Here are some of the best confessions we came across.

This singer left her sexy roleplaying outfits for her staff to pick up

Apparently even celebrities need to spice up their love lives every now and then, and this particular singer liked to do that with some pretty naughty outfits according to some of her employees. A member of the celeb's staff revealed to Star, reported by Radar Online, that they'd constantly be picking up lingerie that was left all over the house such as, "... maid's dresses, nurse's uniforms, and other risqué clothing ..." Some seriously kinky stuff!

If you haven't already guessed, the singer responsible for this would be none other than Christina Aguilera. Regardless of who the celebrity is, few people would be happy about having to pick their dirty clothes up off the floor. The anonymous staff member who leaked the information worked for the pop star while she was married to Jordan Bratman. While the two later divorced, it certainly wasn't due to a lack of trying new things in the bedroom!

This multi-million dollar actress gave secondhand gifts

If you thought having a celebrity friend or relative would solve all of your money problems, think again. Apparently many celebrities only like to show off their wealth to those who might have access to other celebrities like their trainer or makeup artist, because god forbid they come off as cheap to anyone who can spread rumors about them in Hollywood. Then when it comes to their friends and family, it seems they often leave those closest to them with crap they've dug out of a bargain bin, or worse, their attic.

A celebrity personal assistant revealed to Forbes how the actress he worked for would often spend a ton of money on gifts for her Hollywood connections and give secondhand gifts to her friends and family. He confessed, "She once had me buy some luggage for her makeup artist, two bags for $5000, and yet for her best friend's birthday she told me to find a used bike on Craigslist for under $100." Yikes! He also admitted that the same actress' mother was in need of a television, and rather than buy her one, she asked her assistant to take an old one out of the garage and drive it to her mother's house himself. The TV didn't even have a working remote control! Hopefully her mother wasn't elderly and didn't mind getting up every time she wanted to change the channel.

This household name turned her PA into a drug dealer

This personal assistant worked for an actress who she says is a household name, but doesn't reveal her identity in this interview with New York Magazine's The Cut. Apparently within her first two weeks of working for this Hollywood star, her boss had her break up with her actor boyfriend for her. Not only was she asked to do it in person, but it all happened around the holidays making her feel just awful. The PA even had to set up the date for her boss, so she had to hear how excited the poor guy was all while knowing she was being sent to take the actress' place at dinner to break things off. But this is far from the worst thing this poor woman was put through.

It seems this assistant might have taken on the position when she was quite young, as she was very naive about certain things the actress was asking her to do. For example, when asked to pick up her boss' "herbs" she assumed the actress was referring to some kind of herbal tea to help keep her head on straight. Turns out, it wasn't. Her boss was having her pick up drugs for her without her knowledge. Even worse, her boss stuffed her luggage with these drugs before the two flew out for a film festival, unknown to her until the actress showed up at the hotel where this conversation occurred: "When she got in, she was like, 'Did you get my stuff?' What stuff? 'Oh, I put some stuff in your bag.' Oh my God, I went on a f*cking plane carrying drugs for you? I could have gotten arrested! You could have at least told me so I knew what I was doing, and put it in the bag that's not checked!" Needless to say, she quit soon after that.

This sultry singer made her nanny learn her dance choreography

It seems that Queen B is one to bring her work home with her, literally. A former employee who nannied for Beyonce and Jay Z was told to learn the entire choreography from the singer's "Single Ladies" music video, because apparently now you have to be trustworthy and coordinated to get a job for a Hollywood celeb. She revealed to Star that she had to learn these classic dance moves and perform them on demand as requested by the couple's toddler, Blue Ivy. The former employee revealed, "Seeing her mom sing and dance to the song was the only thing that settled her down."

So, apparently Beyonce would be singing and dancing on her off hours as well to get the little one to calm down. Hopefully this was only an at-home routine. If this poor woman had to sing and dance in public while spending the day at the park or museum with the adorable Blue Ivy then she certainly deserves some kind of compensation. A humiliation bonus perhaps.

This producer required his PA to have conversations with his cats

Understandably, being a personal assistant can be degrading at times and even require doing some serious dirty work, but this story has got to be one of a kind. First revealed to Fortune, this executive producer's assistant was asked to not only have a conversation with each of the man's cats, but to also report back to him on their responses. Super awkward!

If you're wondering what a celebrity assistant could possibly have to say to their employer's cats, this guy had it covered. He actually wrote out questions and scripted conversations for his assistant to have with his precious fur balls. Unfortunately no examples were given for our viewing pleasure.

This Kardashian demanded to be called madam

Kourtney might come off as the most level-headed Kardashian sister, but when it comes to how she treats those on her payroll, apparently she's not much different from her egotistical baby daddy. Or should we say 'Lord Disick'. A nanny who previously worked for the reality star revealed that she was told to never call Kourtney by her first name according to Star. The former celebrity employee claimed, "She asked me to call her madam at all times." Not ma'am or Mrs. Kardashian, but madam.

Unfortunately for this mistreated babysitter, she slipped up one day and had to deal with the consequences. She confessed, "I once slipped up and called her Kourtney, and she threw a hissy fit. I never made that mistake again!" If Kourtney needs to be referred to only as madam, we can only imagine what Kim forces her staff to call her, the queen of reality television!

This actor called his PA across the world for toilet paper

We've all had that moment when we're sitting on the toilet and do our business without realizing we're running low on toilet paper. It happens, we're all human. If this has ever happened to you in a hotel, then you might feel for this unnamed actor who called his personal assistant asking her to call the hotel front desk for more toilet paper according to the New York Post. Hotels tend to be stingy with that stuff, so it's not entirely a strange request. However, what makes it weird is the time he chose to call her.

The actor phoned his personal assistant from his London hotel room at 9 a.m., which meant it was 4 a.m. in New York ,where his assistant is located. Certainly, she wasn't happy about this. What makes this request even more absurd is that he would have saved more time and energy if he'd just called the front desk himself, as he was making a phone call anyway.

This assistant was asked to shoot a birth video

It's not unheard of for personal assistants to get uncomfortably close to their employers, as they're often asked to do some seriously personal tasks. This task specifically, however, has to be crossing some kind of line. The assistant for an award-winning cinematographer revealed to CNBC that he was asked to film his boss' wife giving birth. While certainly this is a remarkable experience, it's also a rather personal one that typically doesn't include a personal assistant in the room. Of course, the PA complied with the request.

"It was requested that I watch several hours of birthing videos so I would know what to expect during the birth. Each day, I watched hour-long videos... I watched as these women were screaming and cursing and looking as if they were being tortured. What had I gotten myself into?" Not only did he manage to satisfy his boss by getting the perfect shot of the baby crowning, but when the doctor got in the way of his lighting, the PA actually interrupted the delivery to shift the position of his light for filming. Rather than get angry at him for getting in the way, his boss actually gave him a high five and said, "YES! That's why I knew you were perfect for the job!"

This Hollywood manager sent strange emails when he was high

Working for Hollywood celebs and big wigs means you're regularly working with Hollywood-level arrogance, Hollywood's typically late-night schedules, and unfortunately even Hollywood's common vices. For this personal assistant working for one of Hollywood's top managers meant putting up with his cocaine-inspired emails that made some of the most ludicrous demands according to Fortune.

It seems this poor woman's email inbox would be flooded with nonsensical requests after her boss had a particularly rough night out asking her to do things like move his lunch appointment from 1:00 to 1:03, pre-order him a yarmulke for Hanukkah, and buy him socks repeatedly. These are some direct quotes from the emails which the assistant forwarded to Lilit Marcus to use in her novel Save the Assistants: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace: "My alarm clock rings funny — find one that's more soothing... Are bagels different with LA water? They seem different. Find out!... Book a lunch with Pamela. Then cancel it two hours before. (hate her!)" This would be kind of hilarious if you don't picture this poor assistant attempting to actually perform these tedious and clearly meaningless tasks.

This actor liked his iced tea a certain way

Ben Stiller typically plays the nice guy on screen, but apparently he's quite different in person. At least according to his personal assistant during his time in post-production with Zoolander, who revealed a rather bizarre conversation he had with the star to MINYANVILLE. On his first day of the job, this anonymous personal assistant was told the do's and don'ts in regard to handling Stiller's needs, which included specific instructions on how he likes his iced tea. "It had to be unsweetened, and I was to sweeten it with 1.5 packets of Splenda inside 16 ounces of unsweetened [Nestea] iced tea." Sounds easy enough, right? Not exactly.

When the PA brought Stiller his iced tea the first time in a paper cup, he was asked for a glass. Then he was told to put more ice in the glass upon bringing it to him. After bringing him a glass full of more ice, Stiller told him to pour the iced tea from the paper cup into the glass. Kind of obnoxious, but the personal assistant obliges.

After taking a sip the actor asks him, "What the hell is this?" He was referring to the condensation, which would have been avoided if he'd used the paper cup he was given initially. Instead he had his assistant wipe off the condensation for him. "I was worried I'd have to wipe it off between sips because it kept coming back, since it was condensation," the PA said, but luckily he didn't have to. Apparently Stiller doesn't like his hands to be wet because if he needs to shake someone's hand he's afraid they'll think his palms are sweating. He only lasted two and a half weeks working for Stiller.

This hot actress didn't allow eye contact

Charlize Theron is an award winning actress best known for her roles in films like Monster and Snow White and the Huntsman, but among her staff, she's known for something quite different. A former staff member of the beauty's revealed just how strange the Oscar winner is behind closed doors, revealing to Star that she wasn't allowed to speak or look at her employer. While her main role was to take care of the actresses two young children, she didn't explain if this was expected of all of Theron's hired help, but it can be assumed that it is. Not exactly the best way to communicate one's needs, but okay.

As the star's assistant and nanny she was forbidden to speak to Theron even about her kids. Hopefully there was an implied exception to the rule in an emergency situation, but if she had any general issues or questions, she was required to write them in a diary. "It was odd," the woman told the magazine. Umm, yeah! Just a little! It seems that even though the actress couldn't find the time to make small talk with her nanny, she has all the time in the world to read her employee's daily journal entries.