Whatever Happened To Sweet Brown?

Kimberly Wilkins — better known to the world as Sweet Brown — was in the right place at the right time to become an internet sensation. Her declaration of, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" went viral, garnering millions and millions of views on YouTube. Having that many people watching you is life-changing. So, what has changed in her life?

She sued Apple

Business Insider reported that it all started in 2012, when The Bob Rivers Show took Sweet Brown's now-infamous news clip and turned it into a song called "I Got Bronchitis." Not only were the catchphrases that made her famous used in the song, but the show also sampled the clips, reusing both her voice and her likeness.

Sweet Brown filed a lawsuit, saying that not only was the song up for sale and that The Bob Rivers Show was making a profit from her, but that she definitely never gave her consent for the clip to be used — even though the radio station claimed that she had. She was looking for $15 million in damages, but even from the outset her claims against Apple, at least, were doubtful. Since Apple removed the song immediately after the complaint was filed, they were protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and that just left the radio show itself.

Six months after news of the lawsuit broke, NewsOK reported that the charges were dismissed. They said that it was done without prejudice — which means the suit could be refiled — and was done because she failed to provide documents to the court when asked. There are no other details on the contents of the requested documents, but the dismissal also came after her lawyers removed themselves from the case and left her and her co-complainant, Sparkell Adams, to fend for themselves.

She's been making commercials

Sweet Brown made the most of her popularity: after she went viral, she starred in a series of local television commercials. Among the things that she did find time for was a commercial for an attorney named Brian Loncar; getting her toothache fixed by Shortline Dental; and pitching in on an advertisement for 18002SellHomes.

They're all small, local commercials, but Sweet Brown's popularity as an internet sensation has clearly had some impact: the commercial for 18002SellHomes has more than half a million views since it was posted to YouTube on May 12, 2012; she helped Shortline Dental amass nearly 8 million views since their commercial was posted on February 6, 2013; and even though her commercial for the attorney — posted February 27, 2013 — is lagging behind with only a little over 85,000 views, that's still not too shabby for a local commercial. Cleary, people got time for that!

She was on Tosh.0

On October 9, 2012, Sweet Brown got the chance to redeem herself, as it were, when she appeared on an episode of Comedy Central's Tosh.0. She was the feature of the Season 4 Web Redemption segment, during which she passed along what she'd learned from her claim to fame: fire safety.

Dressed in a pretty convincing superhero costume for a segment that was called "Sweet Brown's Urban Fire Safety Tips," Sweet Brown stopped kids from wasting water out of a fire hydrant and put an end to a whole series of fire hazards... because, of course, "Ain't nobody got time for that." Whether or not she felt she actually got her redemption is unclear.

She was played by Queen Latifah and quoted by Beyonce

There's not too many people who can say that they've been played by someone as famous as Queen Latifah, and that's exactly what happened to Sweet Brown — thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. In 2014, Kimmel managed to assemble a massively impressive cast of actors to present their take on what would happen if some of the biggest viral videos got turned into serious motion pictures. For her part, Sweet Brown (Queen Latifah) counselled a young Barack Obama to run for president, and when asked why, she declined to answer and said, of course, "Ain't nobody got time for that."

She was also on hand for a little bit of payback, too. The Hollywood Reporter says that it was a year after Matt Damon had taken over Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and no late-night host worth his salt forgets something like that. Kimmel took the opportunity to interrupt Damon's sketch with the real Sweet Brown, who delivered her famous line.

As if being played by Queen Latifah wasn't awesome enough, Sweet Brown also got a mention by none other than Beyonce. When Extra was interviewing her and asked her about the power outage that followed her Super Bowl halftime show, the response was a viral video-inspired, "Lord Jesus, it's a fire!" (via 97.9 The Box).

She was a brief celebrity spokesperson

In addition to making appearances on some small-time, local television commercials, Sweet Brown also did some work as an official celebrity spokesperson, albeit briefly. The video has since been removed, but SFGate reports that she was hired by WePay, a small startup company who made her their spokesperson in February 2013. The company aimed to compete with giants like PayPal, and used Sweet Brown's catchphrase to try to emphasize just how much faster their service was compared to their competitors.

According to the paper's brief report, the viral video sensation was being formally represented by Sparkell Adams, who was also involved in her lawsuit against Apple. Unfortunately for her, her career as a company spokesperson seems to be short-lived, as there are no more mentions of any more similar work going her way.

She was cast in a Tyler Perry movie

Fame definitely has its perks, and for Sweet Brown, that's included an IMDb page. While she's mostly been in demand for simply being herself, her biggest credit is in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas — as herself.

When she spoke with theGrio, it was a full year after the video that made her into a viral sensation. Asked about what it was like to get a debut on the big screen, she had nothing but good things to say about Perry. "Tyler is so awesome," she told reporter Chris Witherspoon. "He's just very awesome. I would love to work with him again. He just makes you feel at home."

They also talked a bit about a planned reality television show, which was going to be called The Sweet Brown's. At the time, the show was reportedly already in production, and she had also gotten a role in what was described as a female version of The Hangover. That was in May 2014, though, and given that there's been no word on Sweet Brown's role in either project, it's safe to say that they've fallen to the wayside.

She tried starting a BBQ sauce company

Like her film career, Sweet Brown's foray into merchandising foodstuffs seems to have fallen by the wayside, too. In 2013, she created the company Sweet Brown Foods LLC, and started a Facebook page to promote what was going to be the Sweet Brown's Lord Jesus It's a Fire BBQ Sauce.

The last post was in July 2013, though, and with only a handful of likes and a link to a web page that no longer exists, it seems as though this was another business opportunity that was extinguished very, very quickly. There's only a few posts spanning a few days, and the few likes they garnered seemed to indicate that people weren't as ready to jump on the BBQ sauce bandwagon as she might have hoped.

When she spoke with NBC Channel 4 in Amarillo, Texas, she had a whole host of projects that she was working on in addition to her BBQ sauce. She pitched a clothing line, too, as well as the founding of an organization dedicated to fighting obesity and bullying, anxiety, post-partum depression, and everything else that people just didn't have time for. According to the interview, her sauce was due to hit shelves at WalMart and Kroger, and while there's little sign of it now, her intentions were amazing. "I'm trying to use it for good," she says. "I'm not trying to do something crazy, I'm trying to put something positive out there."

You can still follow her on Twitter... sort of

While most of her ambitious projects have sadly fallen through, Sweet Brown is still on Twitter. There's still contact information for anyone who is interested in booking her for an appearance, but given that she's hardly posted anything since 2014, it's difficult to tell just what's going on in Sweet Brown's world these days. When Life and Style Mag did their round-up of whatever became of some of the internet's biggest viral stars, it was Sweet Brown's fate that was most mysterious. They reported that since all the updating slowed — or stopped — on all of her social media accounts, no one's really sure what happened to her. The rumor is, though, that she's still living in the same apartment complex as the now-famous fire.

Check out the YouTube videos of her, though, and it's clear that there's still some love out there for Sweet Brown. In her interview with NBC Channel 4, she said that her favorite version of the video was the Autotune Remix, and it seems to be the internet's favorite version, too, with more than 65 million views.