The True Meaning Behind 'Steal My Love' By Dan & Shay

It's hard to think of country music without thinking of Dan and Shay. But Dan and Shay — full names Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney — are not just synonymous with country music. The country stars have worked out a way of pulling a country backdrop amongst pop vocals to create chart-topping songs.

Despite having two albums out prior, the duo reached immense prominence in 2018 with their album titled "Dan + Shay." The album even led them to win the Grammy Award for Best Country Duo / Group Performance for one of their lead singles, "Tequila." The following year, the duo won the same award for the second time but this time for their song "Speechless" off the same album.

And for three years in a row, the two stars have won the ACM Award for "Duo of the Year," per People. The two are no strangers to making hit songs, and with their single "Steal My Love" hitting the Hot 100 chart, fans may be wondering what the song is about. Keep reading for the inside scoop.

What is Dan & Shay's "Steal My Love" about?

Dan and Shay's song "Steal My Love" is overtly about love and relationships. The duo sing that while anyone could take their car, their clothes, or their money, no one could steal the love they have, seemingly for their wives.

The lyrics continue in happiness, saying (via Genius), "Can't take my eyes off you / Even if I wanted to / I swear I'm staring at heaven / Holding you here tonight / Watching all the stars align / I wanna stay for forever." And the duo continues singing that if they couldn't have their love, they wouldn't want a thing.

While the song is romantic, Dan and Shay put a comical twist in the music video. Instead of a romantic love story, the two dressed the part of bank robbers who snatch a prized briefcase (possibly their "love") before being chased around by masked thieves. While the music video may seem like a serious twist compared to the upbeat song, the two made the storyline of the video whimsical to match their feel-good song. The playful nature of the video becomes obvious when the masked thieves began to dance with the two stars instead of stealing the briefcase — proving that no one can steal their love.

What's next for Dan and Shay?

While "Steal My Love" is on the charts, Dan and Shay have released plenty more new songs. The single is the second song on the country duo's latest album "Good Things," which was released on August 13. Since then, the album has peaked at number 6 on the Billboard 200. Plus, their new album became the first country album in the streaming era to reach certified Gold on its release, per CMT.

The duo is not stopping there. The two are set to continue their tour this fall, and it will kick off on Sept. 9. While many are worried COVID-19 may impact their second attempt at touring, the duo told the Associated Press they were just thankful to have the new album out. When asked about how the pandemic could affect their tour, Mooney said, "You have to take it day by day. I just think as a general rule of thumb, none of us are promised tomorrow to begin with."

That's an attitude the two continue to maintain despite their chart-topping songs and multiple awards — they stay incredibly humble. When announcing the "Good Things" album on Instagram, they captioned the photo, "We poured every bit of our hearts into this project and have never been more excited for anything in our entire lives."