The Masked Dancer Season 2 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

"The Masked Dancer" first burst onto the scene as nothing more than a simple parody of the ultra successful "The Masked Singer" during a special segment on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." But it quickly became apparent that the spoof deserved much more, eventually transforming into a full blown spin-off fully capable of holding its own.

"The segments that Ellen had done was really the thing that persuaded me to do it," Fox's alternative entertainment president, Rob Wade, explained during an interview with Variety. "You saw from the way that ['Ellen' DJ Stephen 'Twitch' Boss] and her kind of figured out who people were underneath these costumes that we could actually build a proper format around it," he continued. And fortunately for Wade, his instincts were right, as the show's inaugural season enjoyed great success. "We're really happy with 'The Masked Dancer,' we thought it was a great show," he gushed during a conference call, per Deadline.

Still, many "Masked" fans can't help but wonder what's next for the spin-off series. Keep reading after the jump to learn everything we know about "The Masked Dancer" Season 2.

Season 2 of 'The Masked Dancer' is not set in stone

According to the Fox network's powers that be, there is still a bit of hesitancy and uncertainty surrounding a second season for "The Masked Dancer."

As reported by Deadline, the network is currently in the process of figuring out how another season of the popular spin-off series would fit into the "'Masked' strategy" and what that would look like. "We're looking to see where and when that would play best. We filmed it right in the middle of the pandemic and we took a lot of lessons from it. We've got a lot of really nice ideas should there be a season two and we're figuring out where and when that might be," Fox network alternative president, Rob Wade (seen above), explained about the uncertainty of a second season. 

Here's to hoping the show is renewed and we're treated to "The Masked Dancer" Season 2 sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed, folks! FINGERS CROSSED!

Who could be cast in 'The Masked Dancer'?

With the future of a second season of "The Masked Dancer" hanging in the balance and no release date in sight, it's hard to predict what a second season cast might look like. Fortunately, one can look back to the show's first season for clues.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, group A dancers for the first season included Hammerhead, Tulip, Cricket, Disco Ball, and Exotic Bird, while Group B consisted of  Sloth, Ice Cube, Zebra, Cotton Candy, and Moth. But who were the celebrities behind the conspicuous costumes? As it turns out, "The Masked Dancer" contestants included Ice-T, Ice Cube, Elizabeth Smart, Brian McKnight, Vinny Guadagnino, Jordin Sparks, Oscar De La Hoya, Mackenzie Ziegler, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Gabby Douglas. And spoiler alert — though it probably shouldn't come as a shock to anyone — it was Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas who took home the W for the season! 

Perhaps the reason for the hesitancy surrounding a second season stems from the fact that the big wigs are afraid they won't be able to top Season 1's cast? Regardless, a cast for a new season would certainly be just as diverse as that of the first season. 

Will Ellen Degeneres play a larger role in Season 2?

While many consider "The Masked Dancer" to be the brainchild of famous comedian turned talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, some viewers couldn't help but wonder why she didn't play a much bigger role in the spin-off. 

According to Fox's Rob Wade in an interview with Variety, COVID-19 was the reason for DeGeneres being notably absent. "The intention was to be a lot more but obviously with COVID happening, it just became an impossibility," Wade explained. "She's been very helpful obviously with the promotion of the show and very engaged in that. We were going to do a lot with that but unfortunately, obviously she contracted COVID. So in the last few weeks that meant a few things we had planned couldn't be done," he continued. Still, Wade was adamant that DeGeneres had been very cooperative behind the scenes. "She's been really supportive and her team have really supported the show," he maintained.

In the event there is a Season 2, only time will tell as to whether or not DeGeneres will take on a larger role!