How Dana Perino Awkwardly Revealed Another Fox News Host Is Pregnant Live On Air

The early days of pregnancy are always an awkward time. As you process the news yourself, you also have to make some big decisions about when you reveal your pregnancy to the world, your friends, and your family. Well, sometimes, people decide when to do it for you, whether you like it or not, which is what happened to one Fox News anchor live on air. 

Dana Perino is no stranger to cameras, as she served as George W. Bush's press secretary and co-anchors Fox's "America's Newsroom" and "The Five." So, you think she'd know when to keep her lips sealed about certain things and when it's okay to spill the beans. On September 8, though, Perino was closing up a segment on "The Five" with co-anchor Jessica Tarlov and they were talking about picking up new hobbies in the pandemic. Perino asked Tarlov, via Yahoo! News, "Jessica, you try anything new? I mean, you got something new coming."

Tarlov's face was shocked as she gathered her thoughts. She said, "Yeah, and now the audience knows. So, I'm pregnant." Clearly, she had not thought about telling the world that she was expecting yet, though Perino seemed to genuinely think that it was common knowledge. Read on to find out how the women dealt with the surprise announcement afterwards. 

Perino and Tarlov laughed about it later

Luckily, it doesn't seem like Jessica Tarlov is holding any grudges against Dana Perino for spoiling her pregnancy news. After they cut to commercial, the show returned with the two women at the roundtable, seemingly laughing over it all. Again, Perino reiterated thats she didn't realize it was a total secret to the world that Tarlov was pregnant. "I thought people knew. I am so sorry," she said. Hey, it happens. Meanwhile, the other hosts at the table seemed amused that Perino had went ahead and put her foot in her mouth. 

Afterward, Perino tweeted a picture of Tarlov, saying, "I love this woman! ⁦@JessicaTarlov⁩ Let me be the one to accidentally spill the beans. But they are such good beans!!" Tarlov responded that her co-worker had at least saved her "a lot of fretting" over a big reveal. It's exciting news either way, even if Tarlov wasn't the one who was able to share it first.