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Mary Trump Reveals How Donald Trump Has Actually Helped Her

The least popular member inside the Trump family is Mary Trump. The American clinical psychologist is the niece of former U.S. President Donald Trump. Mary is the author of the 2020 bestseller "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man." Mary's bestselling book spilled the tea on Donald Trump in a way only a family member could do. Mary's career as a clinical psychologist gave context to Donald's behavior before and during his presidency. 

In a September interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Mary reflected on her father, Fred Trump Jr., and the impact of his death at only 42. Fred, Donald's older brother, died of a heart attack that stemmed from his alcoholism in 1981, per the outlet. Mary told the Australian outlet about the death of her dad, "He was 42, I was 16...since the age of 16, I have been an unwavering atheist."

Mary has plenty of reasons to distrust Donald...and the rest of her father's siblings. The Washington Post reported in September 2020 that Mary sued then-President Trump, Robert Trump, and her aunt Maryanne Trump Barry. Mary's lawsuit alleges fraud, conspiracy, and violations of fiduciary duties; she claimed that her aunt and uncles defrauded her out of tens of millions of dollars after her dad died.

Now, though, the tables have turned, with the former president suing his niece. Keep reading to find out why Mary says her uncle helped her.

Mary Trump said Donald Trump helped publicize her book by suing her

In Mary Trump's September interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, she revealed that her uncle Donald Trump's love of litigation and blasting his enemies on Twitter helped sell her book. Mary's book, "Too Much and Never Enough," sold over one million copies on its first day. Mary told the Australian outlet, "Of course, Donald helped [with the book's publicity] by suing me. But I think it's also because the story resonated with a lot of people."

Mary explained to the Sydney Morning Herald that one of the best things about her book becoming a bestseller was "getting to set the record straight about my dad." She also confessed that exposing some of the family's dirty laundry had its perks. Mary said, "You could say that exposing them for who they are has also been really fun. And if it's gonna make me some money? Cool."

Mary's latest book, "The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a New Way to Heal," is out now and is on the way to becoming a bestseller.