Who Is The 2021 Emmys DJ, Reggie Watts?

The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards just got a whole lot funkier. The 2021 award show gathered Hollywood together to award the best of the best in television, and it was all hosted by Cedric the Entertainer at the Microsoft Theater on September 19. Many celebrities, including Cedric the Entertainer, are looking to shake up the award show this year in many different ways — like by throwing shade at Nicki Minaj. "Though we're dressed up and wearing tuxedos, I don't want that Oscars feel — that [haughty laughter] ha, ha, ha, ha," Cedric the Entertainer told The New York Times.

The roaring of adoring fans cheering on their stars from afar as they walk the red carpet, the excitement that rushes through you when your favorite actor wins, and the constantly evolving show aren't the only things making the Emmys enjoyable. There is the very important role of curating the music for the Emmys, and this year's DJ is none other than Reggie Watts. So, who is he? Here is the rundown on this jack-of-all-trades.

Reggie Watts has produced music for many of shows

Reggie Watts is the DJ performing at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, which is a huge responsibility that would make anyone break a sweat. But not Watts, who seemingly was made for this role due to his previous career experience working as an internationally renowned vocal artist, beatboxer, musician, actor, and comedian, per his website. Watts has worked on hundreds of episodes of "The Late Late Show with James Corden" as a musical director and composer, but also was previously composing music for shows like "Comedy Bang! Bang!" and "Key and Peele," per IMDb.

Watts has not commented on whether or not he is excited about this new role being added to his resume, but fans all over Twitter, including CBS, are raving about his performance and are yearning to see more of him in future award shows. Positive reviews of his performance aside, there is no confirmation on whether or not he will be called back to DJ any other future award ceremonies. For now, we can always catch him composing some fine tunes with his buddy Corden or in his upcoming animated movie "Extinct," featuring huge celebs like Zazie Beats, Ken Jeong, and Adam Devine. Way to go, Reggie!