The Biggest Winner At The Emmys Isn't Who You'd Expect

Coming off of 2020, there is no other show audiences would expect to see pop up on their screens other than "Schitt's Creek." In 2020, the comedy show swept the Emmy Awards when it won nine different statues. Dan Levy won best supporting actor, Annie Murphy won best supporting actress, Catherine O'Hara won best lead actress, and Eugene Levy won best actor. To top it all off, the show also won best comedy series.

Twitter was excited to see its favorite on-screen family walk the carpet at the 2021 Emmy Awards. Stepping out in style, Dan wore a blue monochromatic suit, while his father, Eugene, wore a staple black tux. Murphy, who plays Dan's on-screen sister, wore an emerald green shirtdress. O'Hara, known for her iconic looks on and off the screen, wore a red off-the-shoulder two-piece set.

Yet, while everyone loved the "Schitt's Creek" family on the carpet, they ended up winning the entire Emmys again. Keep reading to find out how "Schitt's Creek" unexpectedly won the Emmys. 

Schitt's Creek received a standing ovation

When the "Schitt's Creek" family appeared on stage to announce the winner for Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series, it received a standing ovation, completely winning the night. And the love for the Rose family did not stop there. On Twitter, fans are still raving about the "Schitt's Creek" appearance. One fan wrote, "I miss these 4 so damn much. Come back to me, Rose family." Another tweeted, "There is absolutely no one out there doing it like the schitts creek cast."

While fans and audiences have loved the Rose family since "Schitt's Creek" premiered in 2015, that didn't stop the show from ending. "I actually think that this sort of solidifies we went out on a good note and it would take a really freaking good idea to top whatever just happened," Dan Levy said to Entertainment Tonight in 2020 following the show's Emmy success and its conclusion. While the show has gone down in award show history for its sweep, after tonight, it doesn't seem anyone would mind a real "Schitt's Creek" reunion — even if it has been only a year since the end of the show.