Chris Soules Could Lose Major Business Opportunities After Fatal Car Crash

Chris Soules' livelihood could be at stake.

After crashing into the back of a tractor trailer on April 24, 2017, resulting in the death of the other driver, identified as Kenneth E. Mosher, the former Bachelor (2005-) star has, expectedly, found trouble with the law. Following the crash, Police arrested Soules, 35, for leaving the scene of an accident. According to reports, they've also been investigating Soules' recent cell phone usage to determine if he was distracted at the time of the incident—which, depending on what they find, could potentially result in his arrest for vehicular manslaughter.

E! News now reports that, regardless of what authorities discover and what the court ultimately decides, Soules' may soon be losing major endorsement deals. According to the site, big name brands are no longer interested in working with Soules following his current legal issues.

"Brands with plans to work with Chris have already cut ties with him or put the relationship on hold to see how things pan out," a source told E! News. "Social media opportunities, appearances, endorsements."

"In some cases, he was in talks with the brands," the insider explained. "In others, there were agreements in place; however, those agreements come with morals clauses."

Since Soules' arrest, he's been bailed out of jail, but he is required to remain in the country and wear an ankle monitor.

"He's already taken a hit and it's tough to say if he will ever recover his reputation when it comes to business opportunities," the source said. "He has already lost thousands. Right now, brands don't want to touch him."

However, Soules' brand new legal team remains confident that they'll be able to clear their client of all charges. In a statement (via Entertainment Tonight), they announced their belief that "once all the evidence is made public, it will show Soules acted reasonably and did everything in his power to provide aid to Mr. Mosher."

Soules is to appear in court on May 2, 2017.