The Truth About Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans' Many Arrests

Anyone who has followed Jenelle Evans' story starting when she gave birth to her oldest child, Jace, on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" to her appearances on "Teen Mom 2" knows just how tumultuous her life has been over the years. She is now a mom to three children — Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley — and is married to David Eason, the father of her youngest child. Although she seems to be in a better place overall than when she was as a teenage mom, life hasn't been easy for Jenelle. When Jace was a baby, Jenelle was forced to hand over custody to her mother, Barbara, due to being unable to care for him, per Journal. She was also involved in many different relationships, some healthier than others, before ending up with David.

Throughout the years, the reality television star has been accused of being an unfit mom and is often the target of criticism, according to Cafe Mom. The transgressions have been small, ranging from wearing a long necklace that was left dangling near baby Kaiser's face while she was wearing him in a carrier to allowing a young Jace to play the violent video game, "Grand Theft Auto." 

However, not all accusations have been without merit, as Jenelle has found herself on the wrong side of the law more than once and embroiled in situations that could put her children in danger. Keep reading to find out more about Jenelle's long arrest record.

Jenelle Evans' arrests date back to 2010

Jenelle Evans has been arrested 15 times, starting in 2010 with an arrest for breaking and entering coupled with possession of drug paraphernalia, as reported by E! News. While she was fortunate to have some of the charges dismissed in this first arrest, she ended up with a one-year probation. However, this would only be the beginning of the "Teen Mom" star's run-ins with the law. 

In 2011, she was arrested again for assault and affray when she got into a fight. The consequences of this arrest were more severe, and Jenelle ended up with a "30 day suspended jail sentence and a year of probation after being convicted of affray," per the outlet. Drug use a few months later landed her in handcuffs for a third time, while a fourth arrest in 2012 came after she was accused of making "harassing phone calls" to her former roommate.

Unfortunately, the arrests kept coming, with most following incidents of harassment, drug use or possession, violating the terms of her probations, and/or fights. Jenelle often denied the charges made against her, writing them off as false or someone else's fault, according to E! News. For example, when she was arrested for harassing her former roommate, Hannah Inman, she told E! News, "I think they are trying to charge me with things out of spite." Despite more than a dozen arrests under her belt, it seems Jenelle may be turning a corner, as she has stayed away from jail as of late.

Jenelle Evans isn't the only 'Teen Mom' star with an arrest record

Jenelle Evans may be the "Teen Mom" star with the most arrests under her belt, but she definitely isn't the only one, as reported by In Touch Weekly. Fellow teen mom Farrah Abraham is another who has seen the inside of a jail cell. In 2018, she was arrested "for misdemeanor battery and trespassing" following an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Although she initially faced jail time, Farrah got off with a bit of community service and two years of probation. Amber Portwood didn't get so lucky after being found guilty of a felony drug charge. She was sentenced to five years in prison and served 17 months of her sentence before getting released. 

It wasn't just the teen mothers who have found themselves in trouble with the law over the years; some of their significant others have also been booked on charges ranging from driving without license plates and drug use to not paying child support, per In Touch. "Teen Mom" star Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam Rind, has been arrested on more than one occasion for failure to pay child support for their daughter, Aubree. Briana DeJesus' ex, Devoin Austin, was arrested in 2017 after he didn't show for a court date regarding previous drug charges and spent one month in jail. Jenelle has also dated her fair share of law-breakers, including past beaus Kieffer Delp and Nathan Griffith, and current husband, David Eason.