What Was Tim Donnelly's Net Worth At The Time Of His Death?

Actor Tim Donnelly died in his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 77 years old on September 17. Donnelly's older brother, Dennis Donnelly confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the actor died due to complications from surgery, but no specifics were reported. Donnelly is known for acting as the jovial, prank-pulling fire-fighter Chet Kelly for all six seasons of the 1970s NBC series "Emergency!"

The Los Angeles County Fire Museum announced its condolences for the late actor on Twitter on September 20: "It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our friend, Tim Donnelly aka Chet Kelly. Tim is survived by his daughter, Ashley, two grandsons, his sister Kathleen and his brother Dennis." No public funeral services have been arranged by the family at this time, per the Los Angeles County Fire Museum's Twitter, but cards can be directed to Dennis Donnelly via the museum site. According to its Facebook page, the museum was in the process of preparing celebrations for the 50th anniversary of "Emergency!" in 2022; there's no word on whether or not Donnelly's death changes anything.

Donnelly's impact as the lovable goofy firefighter Chet Kelly touched so many lives for more than 50 years. But how much was his net worth before his death?

Tim Donnelly influenced so many lives and built an impressive net worth

According to Celeb Sage Wiki and Net Worth Post, Tim Donnelly likely had a net worth somewhere between $300,000 and $1,000,000. This might be due to his investments and previous acting roles from 1978 up until his retirement in 1984, per IMDb

Many tributes from fans and admirers across the globe are pouring in on Twitter for Donnelly, like this one that says, "RIP Tim Donnelly! I am so sad to hear that Tim Donnelly passed away this weekend. I'm a big #Emergency fan and so happy I had the chance to meet Tim in person and his family at the 1998 Emergency Convention and beyond. @LACoFireMuseum @MantoothRandy."

Donnelly's "Emergency!" character, Chet Kelly, touched so many lives, and it even helped influence some fans' career paths. Matthew Harris, an advanced care paramedic, tweeted, "Just saw that Tim Donnelly who played Chet on Emergency! has died. While technically long before my time, as a teen I watched the show on reruns in the very early hours of the morning, years before I decided to be a paramedic. RIP." 

Donnelly is survived by his daughter Ashley, sister Kathleen, and two grandsons, per The Hollywood Reporter.