Why Whitney Way Thore Is Telling Fans To Watch Her Show More Critically

Whitney Way Thore has a message for fans of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" after the series' September 28 episode.

Fans of the show know that Whitney hired her best friend Ashley Baynes to handle administrative work for her fitness brand No BS Active. However, when Whitney decided to use an app company, this eliminated Ashley's job, sparking outrage among fans, who proceeded to relentlessly bully and fat-shame her on Instagram. In fact, on September 29, Whitney took to Instagram to explain the situation and hit back at her detractors.

"What the show neglected to show is that @ashdanbay has had a full-time job since before she began working on No BS Active admin on the side, and she still has the same job almost a year later — she did not lose her livelihood; she lost a couple hundred extra bucks a month," Whitney explained. "I realize that the show made it look like No BS Active was her only job, but I would really implore some of y'all to use your critical thinking skills, understand that tv is entertainment, and you may not (imagine this!) know everything from watching an edited 45-minute episode crafted by people in an editing bay in Los Angeles." 

But how does Ashley feel about the situation — and how did she and Whitney respond to the bullies? Keep reading for more details.

Ashley Baynes and Whitney Way Thore are still best friends

Whitney Way Thore's Instagram post about Ashley Baynes featured a selfie of the two with comments from trolls superimposed on top. One person asked if Whitney had "ever done ANYTHING for one of [her] friends in [her] entire life?!!!" and proceeded to call her the "dumbest, ugliest, most selfish and stupid" person on TV. Another one claimed, "All your friends [hate] you and for good reason." In the post, Whitney emphasized in her post that "this kind of abuse is not okay" and urged her fans to think before they type.

In fact, Ashley responded to Whitney's post about how the situation unfolded, adding in her own comments about the editing. "Y'all, all of us have been friends for 20 years. Please don't judge folks on a few minutes of edited content when there have been literal decades of moments that weren't/aren't televised," she wrote.

Needless to say, she also came for the haters. Ashley continued, "PS: @whitneywaythore my fav comment is from the person mad at you for firing me but then says your friends stick around for the money. Which one is iiiit?" It's clear nothing could come between Whitney and Ashley's friendship!